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Rosebraugh Released from March 16 Grand Jury Subpoena: Will be Re-Subpoenaed for Aug. 17

Craig excused from Thursday's grand jury appearance!
In an email from Asst. USA Steven Peifer on Monday, March 13, Craig Rosebraugh was informed he was excused from appearing to testify before the federal grand jury in Eugene on Thursday, March 16. The email stated Craig would be subpoened to testify before this grand jury and be forced to appear on August 17, 2006.

We sincerely wish to thank everyone for their continued support during these increasingly repressive times.
intimidate 13.Mar.2006 14:56


Does anyone know if the grand jury is still taking place with other people and if there is still a protest at 8am?

+ 15.Mar.2006 19:05


Craig, we were going to be there for you on March 16. We will now be there for you on August 17 or whenever you might need us. You are loved and respected. Stay strong.