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VIDEO FILE: Help Bark Stop The No Whiskey Timber Sale.

The Forest Service is accepting your comments on the enormous (nearly 3 square miles) No Whisky Timber Sale until March 17.

The No Whisky logging project lies along the banks of the North Fork of the Clackamas River about 10 miles Southeast of the City of Estacada. Covering nearly 1,700 acres (almost 3 square miles!), the No Whisky proposal adds insult to an already injured forest ecosystem. The forests of No Whisky were clearcut in the early 1920s and in 1929 the railroad used to haul the trees started a fire, burning all but 40 acres of the current logging proposal. To make matters worse, the burned forest was logged again shortly after the fire, destroying any chance of a healthy recovery.

In addition, these past logging operations opened the area up to illegal off-road vehicle use that has caused significant erosion, pollution, garbage, noise that disturbs wildlife, and unnatural alterations to area streams. Any new logging projects in this area will not help the area recover as the Forest Service suggests, it will only make matters worse in an area that is finally recovering from past abuse.
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