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George's War: Three Years On

Three years ago George Bush launched a war of choice - and all for what cause?
Anniversaries are forced remembrances of events our busy lives otherwise leave forgotten. Past events rush forward through time to spend one day with us in the present, incessantly tapping our shoulders and asking: Remember me? Remember what happened on my day, and what has happened since because of me? Sometimes we stop and consider; more often we simply walk on.

The third anniversary of the aerial "shock and awe" campaign that launched the U.S led war on Iraq will tap our shoulders this month. It will remind us that a fourth year of war stands raving and eager to follow the same terrible path down which this country has been misled for three. War, such as it is, always stands ready and willing, always prepared to gather up its victims from the land of the living, and set them down in their early graves.

War is an enduring if terrible fact of human existence. And it is always a defeat for humanity. It never creates the security or the harmony desired. Worst of all is that war turns away no one - men, women, children, there's always room for one more.

Throughout history, leaders have glorified wars and given them justification. History is filled with such figures, and with nations that to their sorrow put their faith in them. Just such a figure is George Bush.

Three years ago George Bush started a war of choice against Iraq in the middle of a war of necessity against al-Qaeda. And all for what cause? All justifications for his war have proven vacuous, save that Saddam Hussein was a brutal tyrant. While you never want to say of brave young men and women that they died because of arrogance and willful ignorance, what else did they die for?

George's war has been a war born of lies, sustained by lies, and productive of more lies every day it continues. His has been a war which in its origins and conduct was and remains a colossal and blood-drenched fraud. Were we even to be generous, and give George the benefit of the doubt by allowing that in his "gut" going to war was the right thing, the tragedy remains that many thousands have died for a war waged on little more than a hunch and a grudge.

This war was not thrust upon us - George Bush chose it for us. Rather than fighting the terrorists in the mountains of Afghanistan, George went looking for them in the sands of Iraq. Rather than finding the chief culprit of September 11, George rode off in search of windmills named "evil" and "darkness". Rather than chasing bin Laden to the ends of the earth, George decided instead to chase our nation's fortune into the mouth of an omnivorous and never-ending war.

George's war "against terror" has produced far more terrorists than it has eliminated, to say nothing of the terror it has, in fact, caused millions of everyday Iraqis young and old. George's war has been a recruiting sergeant for the very forces he set out to destroy. George's war to "fight them there, so we don't have to fight them here" has, in fact, greatly increased the likelihood we'll someday fight them here.

George's war has cost thousands of young Americans, and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, their lives and limbs. His war has sapped our military, our credibility, our economy, our morale, and our moral standing. George's war has alienated us from the world, and set our country on a path which continues to dismay our dwindling friends and delight our growing enemies.

Bad as all this, perhaps worse is that George's war has proven once again that force and right are not always on the same side. George's war to "bring democracy" to the Muslim world on Abrams tanks has instead led a billion Muslims to believe that democracy and liberty are synonymous with invasion and occupation, and the abuse and death of prisoners. George's gift of democracy delivered by a gun has converted a people into enemies possessed of a hatred which may take centuries to erase.

This month, the third anniversary of the war on Iraq will tap us on the shoulder to remind us that for three years George Bush has been recklessly careless of lives and country. We should stop and consider joining the call for impeachment. The anniversary will remind us that George's war with no end in sight is our greatest threat to safety. We should stop and consider joining the call to bring the troops home.

Todd Huffman, M.D.
Eugene, Oregon

What can YOU do?

*Pass this email on to everyone you know.

*Write a letter to the editor and send it to every paper in your area. Imagine if everyone did.

*Join your local rally this weekend.

*Contact your congressional representatives (www.house.gov, www.senate.gov) to urge their support for the Homeward Bound Act (HJRes.55)

*Read the Homeward Bound Act (www.dcfordemocracy.org/wp-content/uploads/2006/02/HJR%2055.pdf)

*Contact your local city council members and your state Democratic Party to urge introduction of a resolution calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush. A growing number of city councils have done so. Three state Democratic Party's have done so (California, Nevada, and Wisconsin).

*Send your congressional representatives a copy of the Center for Constitutional Rights' Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush (www.mhpbooks.com/aoiReferral)

*Lend your support to Congressman John Conyers of Michigan ( http://johnconyers.com/) in his call for the impeachment of George W. Bush. Contact your own congressperson (www.house.gov, www.senate.gov) to urge their support of Congressman Conyers.
Protest at Waterfront Park in Portland on Sunday the 19th. 1:30pm 13.Mar.2006 15:16


We need shere numbers again everybody. It has been three years since the beginning of this action against Iraq. With hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead and over 2,000 US troops dead and no end in sight it is time to join together once again to show the leaders that we are sick to death of it.

Stand for Peace in Olympia 13.Mar.2006 15:33


Three years too many--Bring Our Loved Ones Home!
Peace Event, Saturday March 18th, from noon to 1 p.m. We will be be lining up, shoulder to shoulder, from the Bridge to the Fountain on Fourth Ave.
Bring prayers and signs for peace!
See you there.