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Milosevic is dead

The trial is over for Slobodan Milosevic.
Slobodan Milosevic was found dead in his cell this morning. It is assumed that he died of natural causes. According to the reporter on NPR, his death was seen as "a blow to prosecutors." Well, that is certainly a revelation.

No worries mate... 11.Mar.2006 07:54

Pravda or Consequences

I'm sure he'll come back as a conservative Republican and easy to spot.

Or was he pushed? 11.Mar.2006 11:23


Funny how he wanted to call ex-president Bill Clinton as a witness.
Did he 'die,' or was he pushed?

Slobo's Just Reward 11.Mar.2006 13:02


........or maybe he will come back as a Croatian mother of three, blasted out of her home, starving and freezing in the rain and snow. Maybe there's justice in the hereafter. Ain't none 'round here. So who now will replace "The Butcher Of The Balkans"? Probably a conservative Republican.................

who knows? 11.Mar.2006 14:42


Maybe he was killed. More likely he died. He had serious health conditions before being locked up and the stress of working on the case (he was a lawyer and didn't recognize the kangaroo court before which he stood) certainly didn't help.

Regardless of what one thinks about his death, one could make a case that the US is far more guilty of war crimes in Iraq. Milosevic's regime tried several hundred folks in the police and military for war crimes. There is irrefutable evidence that Muslims were being killed, and Milosevic's regime, unlike the US's, took people to task for it.

At's o.k. 11.Mar.2006 15:26


The cabal, and it's "leader," the bushman, now know how to escape prosecution: Just die, fuckers!

War Crimes 11.Mar.2006 16:54


"Regardless of what one thinks about his death, one could make a case that the US is far more guilty of war crimes in Iraq."

Actually, that was Milosavic's point. Basically, that any war crimes tribunal is not about justice, but politics. That perpetrators of equally heinous crimes against humanity are not only free, but lauded as "heroes." He gave a long interview to some magazine awhile back -- not sure which one. The Nation? Whatever. Anyway, he talked about this very point. Not only bushco and crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan, but more specifically the Clinton administration's actions all over the world at the same time that Milosevic was committing his own crimes. I came across the article a couple of years ago. Knowing his history (or at least the official version) I was really too skeptical to even read it at first. But on perusing it, I realized he actually made a lot of sense. One does not need to agree with him or to deny that he was, in fact, a war criminal, to appreciate that there is definitely something ironic and hypocritical about the whole proceedings of such a kangaroo court.

another kangaroo, Ramsey Clark? 11.Mar.2006 23:02

Amy Ayers

Why would Ramsey Clark defend Nazi war criminals in the 1990's? So he could defend Saddam Husein now. Third tier disinformation. The truth with a twist.

Milosavic gave NATO a reason to destroy the communist built infrastructure of the former Yugoslovia.

Another thing 12.Mar.2006 13:00


Yes, Bill Clinton was a mass murderer in Serbia as well.
Bomb the bridges, ruin another country, while carrying on mass murder in Iraq.
Remember the anti war bridge demos in Portland. And where were the democrats?
How many US mass murderers can you fit in the dock? Kissinger, Clinton, Bush1, Bush2, Add more names!
The list is long!

His prosecutors behaved like thugs 12.Mar.2006 18:11


Prosecution's witness refutes charges against Milosevic, says he was tortured

By Stephen Gowans

Picture this. A man is on trial, accused of horrible crimes.

The prosecution calls a former subordinate of the accused to give testimony.

The witness is hailed as a key prosecution asset, a member of the accused's inner circle, who will help ace the prosecution's case.

The witness takes the stand and the prosecutor begins his examination.

Reporters prepare to take down the damning testimony, secure in the knowledge the accused -- who they've already convicted -- will soon be brought to justice.

Then a bombshell. Rather than corroborating the prosecution's case, the witness refutes it. No, the accused did not commit the crimes he's charged with, the key witness testifies.

And then another bombshell: The witness says he was tortured to provide false testimony.

Astonishingly, the judge rules the witness's revelations about torture irrelevant.

The next day, reporters write nothing about the witness's torture claim. And the reporter from the newspaper of record says nothing of the witness exploding the prosecution's case, writing instead that "the prosecutors and observers (were) anxious to see (the accused) brought to justice."

A 1930's era show trial, complete with suborned witnesses, torture, contrived charges, and press propaganda?

No. But it is a show trial. And it does feature suborned witnesses, contrived charges, and press propaganda. And torture.

But it's taking place right now, at The Hague. And the accused is former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic.

This is explosive, court room drama. And you've probably heard nothing of it.

Last week, Rade Markovic, former head of the Department of State Security of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior, was called to testify as "a key prosecution witness." {1}

Milosevic has been accused of:

* ordering the Serb police and Yugoslav army to commit war crimes;
* ordering the expulsion of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo;
* hiding evidence of mass executions of ethnic Albanians.

In short, Milosevic is accused of ethnic cleansing, and Markovic was to confirm the charges.

Instead "Markovic...told the trial of former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague that no policy of ethnic cleansing existed during the 1999 conflict." {2}

On the contrary, testified Markovic, "I told (local officials ) that presidential orders are that the flow of refugees must be stopped" {3} adding that "the Yugoslav army and Serbian police had strict orders to protect Albanian civilians during NATO bombing" {4} - hardly what you'd expect from an ethnic cleanser.

"I never got any order, nor did I hear about any order or plan to expel Albanians," Markovic told the tribunal. {5}

If this were Milosevic's witness, you might expect him to say something like this. But this was the prosecution's witness!

"Markovic said he had no knowledge of bodies transferred from Kosovo, a reference to mass graves near Belgrade discovered by Serb police in 2001, after Milosevic's ouster." {6}

"He also denied...that his former boss (Mr. Milosevic) had ordered Serb forces to hide evidence of mass executions of Albanians." {7}

While crimes were committed by Serb police and the army, a charge Milosevic has never denied, Markovic testified that "Milosevic himself said several times that 'every crime must be immediately punished.'" (8)

"More than 200 criminal charges were filed against members of the police, and I think a similar figure stands for the army," {9} Markovic told the tribunal.

Under cross-examination, the prosecution's key witness "confirmed the suggestion that (ethnic Albanian refugees) had fled NATO bombing and the risk of being drafted by Kosovo Albanian rebels." {10}

That's detrimental enough to the case, but what followed is even more damming:

"Markovic testified that he was tortured in (a Belgrade) jail to force him to agree to give false testimony against Slobodan Milsoevic." {11}

Judge Richard May interrupted the cross-examination of Markovic, to argue that Markovic's allegations of torture were "irrelevant." {12}

The torture bombshell was ignored by the media. (13}


One of the big problems of the tribunal is that it's controlled by NATO, {14} the very same organization that bombed Yugoslavia, and engineered Milosevic's ouster. The very same organization that, according to Markovic's testimony, is responsible for the displacement of 800,00 ethnic Albanians.

The United States, which effectively controls the tribunal, recently rejected the International Criminal Court on grounds it could be subverted for political ends.

Who would know better than Washington?

Get a grip 13.Mar.2006 09:28

Not a Serb apologist

Brian said, "One of the big problems of the tribunal is that it's controlled by NATO."

It is a UN organization. Notice the UN Logo on the home page.  http://www.un.org/icty/

Is The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda also controlled by NATO?

How about the Special Courts in East Timor, Sierra Leone and Cambodia?

May Milosevic burn in hell. And yes, the US is guilty as well of war crimes, have you done anything about?

On Death of Milosevic *&* Emperor's Clothes Articles on Yugoslav Breakup 13.Mar.2006 09:57

see www.tenc.net

On the death of Milosevic
by Jared Israel
[13 March 2006]

In the aftermath of the death of Milosevic, the media is rehashing all the old charges against him - which in effect means, against the Serbian people. Emperor's Clothes has published many articles refuting media misinformation about the Serbs and Yugoslavia. Some of the most important are listed, with links, following these comments.

Milosevic's death while incarcerated at The Hague - like the deaths of other Serbs before him - is at minimum an outrage. He asked for, and Russia agreed to provide, first rate care for his serious heart condition. The Hague Tribunal demanded special guarantees; the Russian government provided them. Nevertheless, the request was denied, apparently without explanation. Milosevic's lawyer, Mr. Tomanovic, states that Milosevic wrote to the Russian Embassy in The Hague, charging that he was being given dangerous medicines. Even apart from this charge, the denial of medical care in itself constitutes foul play. And The Hague Tribunal has denied Milosevic's family's demand that an autopsy be conducted in Russia. Why?

How can a UN organization justify denying medical care to a prisoner, indeed to an elected head of state? Not to mention to the accused in what was billed as the trial of the century? How, even if he had been guilty as charged? But he was not guilty of war crimes. Despite the media hype, Milosevic was not a war criminal. And despite some of his rhetoric at The Hague, he was also not a heroic opponent of NATO. In truth, he was an appeaser who tried to curry favor with the West while sometimes talking tough, to the despair of the ordinary people whom he regularly setup and betrayed. The fact that, despite this, The Hague Tribunal, the proclaimed tool of NATO, seized him without concern for mere legality, put him on trial in its brazenly biased 'court,' and finally killed him, at the very least through criminal negligence, says much about the character of the leaders of the International Community who sponsored the resurgent Croatian, Moslem and Albanian fascists who wrecked !
havoc on Yugoslavia, followed by massive NATO bombing.

-- Jared Israel
Emperor's Clothes * 13 March 2006


The Break-up of Yugoslavia: Who did what, and to whom?
-- A collection of Emperor's Clothes articles and documents
[13 March 2006]

Part 1 of 2


Table of Contents

(1) Most recent articles

(2) Serbs, Muslims, Albanians, Croats and NATO: Who stood for what; who has done what and to whom

(3) Crime, Terror and Racism: What NATO and the UN have Wrought in Kosovo (and Macedonia)

(4) Media misinformation about Yugoslavia

(5) US goals in the Balkans

(6) NATO financing behind the October 2000 coup in Yugoslavia

(7) Life in Yugoslavia after the October 2000 coup

(8) The Hague Tribunal: Justice or Travesty?

(9) Why the Serbs feared being ruled by Albanian secessionists, Bosnian Muslim extremists and Croatian neo-fascists. (You would too...)

(10) Serbian-Jewish relations

(11) Articles on the Srebrenica massacre charge


1. Our most recent articles on Yugoslavia


* "Serbian condolences to the Jews for the life of Arafat,"
by Petar Makara

Emperor's Clothes editor Petar Makara comments that, in praising the late Yasar Arafat, Mr. Milosevic did not represent the Serbian people, who, like the Jews, have suffered at the hands of Islamists.

Evidence that the supposed Srebrenica execution video is a fabrication:

"Srebrenica Srebrenica 'Execution' Video, Part 1: What I'll prove and how I'll do it,"
by Jared Israel
Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom:

"Srebrenica 'Execution' Video, Part 2: Mission Impossible,"
by Jared Israel
Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom:

"'Execution' Video, Part 3: The Media Moves Mountains,"
by Jared Israel
Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom:

"UN Military Officer Carlos Branco asks, 'Was the Supposed Srebrenica Massacre a Hoax?'"
Comments by Jared Israel and Petar Makara

"Why Should one Read Articles Refuting the Srebrenica Massacre Claim?"
by Jared Israel and Petar Makara
Includes UN report on genocide against Serbs living near Srebrenica

"Bosnia-Herzegovina - Origin of the Myth of a Tolerant, Pluralistic Islam,"
By Bat Ye'or
Comments by Petar Makara

"Slaves of the 21st Century,"
by Urban Fox (London Times)
Comments by Jared Israel

"Apologists for Fascism have become the Public Voice of Slobodan Milosevic,"
by Jared Israel

"Milosevic must Dissociate from Tainted 'Friends,'"
by Petar Makara (Makarov)


2. Serbs, Muslims, Albanians, Croats and NATO: Who stood for what; who has done what and to whom?


* "How, in 1999, the Pentagon Unwittingly Confessed that NATO Targeted Civilians in the Air War Against Serbia. Why did none of the many reporters who were present report it?"
by Jared Israel

* "Kosovo Before 1989: Nightmare with the Best Intentions"

An interview with two Yugoslavs, one of whom, ironically, was in charge of fixing power equipment damaged by Albanian secessionist saboteurs in the 1980s. Explains the anti-Serb racism, made worse by an enforced silence, which prevailed in Serbia, the bastion of brotherly love, before 1989.

* "Why Albanians Fled Kosovo during NATO Bombing"
An interview with Cedomir Prlincevic, formerly the Chief Archivist in Pristina (Kosovo)

In our second interview with Cedomir Prlincevic, he explains that NATO took advantage of unusual features of Albanian culture to use Albanians as a proxy force.

* "A Reporter's Account of Evening Spent with the Commander of Bosnian Muslim Forces in Srebrenica"

The commander of the Islamist ('Bosnian government) forces in Srebrenica boasts of slaughtering Serb civilians in ways reminiscent of the Handzar division of the Waffen SS division during World War II.

* "U.S. & Iran: Enemies in Public, but Secret Allies in Terror: How the US and Iran worked together, supporting Islamist terror in Bosnia,"
by Jared Israel

Despite public acrimony, the US and Iran have areas of cooperation. Perhaps the best example is Yugoslavia. Why then the mutual denunciation? Because it's good theater. Iran accuses the US of doing everything for Israel, a message calculated to incite Muslim audiences around the world and increase the strength of antisemitism in general and Muslim extremism in particular, which both the US and Iran foster for geopolitical ends.

* "A Rare Glimpse at the Reality of the Bosnian War"
by Jared Israel

* "NATO says The Hague Tribunal (or ICTY) belongs to NATO; according to the Tribunal, the two are partners..."
by Jared Israel

* "The Roma ['Gypsies'] and Racism in the Balkans"
by Jared Israel

The media has mis-described the relationship between Serbs and Roma (often called 'Gypsies') in Kosovo.

* "How the Roma View Serbia and the Serbs, and what it means,"
by Paul Kneisel

* "Milosevic's Speech at Kosovo Field"

Those who vilify the Serbs claim that Milosevic made a viciously nationalist speech to a huge crowd in June 1989 in Kosovo. Read the speech and judge for yourself.

* "The Other Side of the Story,"
by Dusan Vilic and Bosko Todorovic

Two Yugoslav Generals provide a point by point refutation of the claims made against the Yugoslav Army and Serbian security forces by The Hague Tribunal, in its indictment of Milosevic. Their detailed explanations, including documents, explain the theory and practice of the Yugoslav Army in fighting terrorism without targeting civilians.


3. Crime, Terror and Racism: What NATO and the UN have Wrought in Kosovo (and Macedonia)


* "Driven from Kosovo!"

This interview with Cedomir Prlincevic broke the media blackout on what happened in Kosovo after the NATO-UN takeover. Mr. Prlincevic, Kosovo's chief archivist and leader of the Jewish community in Pristina, describes how Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) terrorists marched into the city alongside British NATO troops. Immediately, the KLA began driving thousands of Yugoslav loyalists from their homes, with the manifest complicity of the British command.

* "The Women of Orahovac Speak"

NATO promised to bring multiethnic peace to Kosovo but three Serbian women from the town of Orahovac describe how, when NATO took over, it sponsored the Kosovo Liberation Army's reign of terror against the Serbs and Roma.

* "The Women of Orahovac Answer the Colonel"

The Dutch colonel in charge of NATO forces in the town of Orahovac was interviewed by the Dutch paper, Trouw. The Serbian women from Orahovac, who had been interviewed by Emperor's Clothes, responded in Trouw.

* "Gentle Reign: Washington Makes it Perfectly Clear it's Behind the Attack on Macedonia,"
by Jared Israel

Evidence of Pentagon support for terrorists using Kosovo as a base to attack Macedonia.

* "Stranger than Fiction: How NATO and the US Sponsor Terror in Kosovo and Macedonia,"
by Jared Israel

* "The Terrorists Attacking Macedonia are NATO Troops, not 'Rebels,'"
by Jared Israel

* "Crime & Terror in 'Liberated' Kosovo"

A surreal stroll through a land where gangsters rule and the news is black humor.

* "In Jail in Kosovo,"
by Tika Jankovic

* "Concentration camps in Kosovo: The KLA Archipelago"
by Vanja Mekterovic and Vladimir Radomirovic
Comments by Jared Israel

* "A Slaughter of Roma ('Gypsies'),"
by Petar Makara and Jared Israel

The Western media has mainly ignored the genocide against Roma ('Gypsies') following the NATO takeover of Kosovo.

* "How will you plead at your trial, Mr. Annan?"
by Jared Israel

The London Observer quotes a UN document confirming our charge that the UN-created Kosovo Protection Corps is comprised of criminal thugs and terrorists.

* "A Stranger in Belgrade"

After NATO takes over Kosovo, an Albanian family refuses to cooperate with the Kosovo Liberation Army and is forced to flee.

* "In Memory of Corin Ismali"
by Jared Israel

A pro-Yugoslav Kosovo Albanian politician, murdered by Albanian fascists.

This list of articles is continued n Part 2, which we'll send out shortly. Or you can browse the full list online at


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