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March 13th prayer vigil for Tre Arrow

On March 13th, at 6 pm sharp, a prayer vigil will be held to offer
strength for Tre Arrow in front of the Vancouver Island Regional
Correctional Center. This day marks two years of incarceration for Tre and
the beginning of a 24-day hunger strike in protest of the injustice he
continues to endure while appealing extradition to the U.S.
Tre encourages all supporters across the world to join in a prayer vigil
on Monday, March 13th at 6pm, to gather strength for his upcoming 24-day
hunger strike. Every person's focused intention makes an impact. If you
can't make it to Victoria, feel free to gather yourselves at this time and
tune into us who will be gathered outside the Vancouver Island Regional
Correctional Centre.

Tre hasks respectfully that his designated spokespeople in Canada
represent the message of this vigil to the media. It
is very important for all in attendance to honor this request and not
engage with the media, for the purpose of not allowing our peaceful
intentions to be distorted.

Over the course of the past fourteen years, Tre has lived a life dedicated
to peaceful activism in social, environmental and political realms. As an
extremely effective and outspoken organizer, Tre found himself at the
forefront of an environmental movement, which successfully interfered with
industrial powers. As a result, he has fallen victim to what appears to be
a widespread campaign to silence the voices of conscience that choose to
speak truth to power.

Tre emphatically maintains his innocence to the charges he is facing,
despite the U.S. government and the corporate media's thorough attempt to
discredit his reputation. It is highly unlikely that Tre will receive a
fair trial in the U.S., due to the intense slander he has received across
the mainstream media. In Tre's own words, "The U.S. government and media
have attempted to brand me a 'terrorist'. I cannot think of a label that
is more contrary to the truth. I am a pacifist."

April 4th is the day when Minister of Justice Vic Toews will make his
decision regarding Tre's extradition. If ever there was a time to send
courage and strength to this conscientious individual, now is that time.
It is hard for many of us to imagine the stark reality of this situation
and how it applies to all of us who value truth and democracy. As we watch
this society degenerate the point where civil liberties are greatly
endangered, it is time to ground our prayers for a positive future
for all our children.

Letters of support can be sent to
Tre Arrow
CS# 05850722
Vancouver Island Regional Correction Center
4216 Wilkinson Rd.
Victoria, BC, V8Z 5B2

Contributions can be sent to
The Tre Arrow Defense Committee
31 - 7235 18th Ave
Burnaby, BC
V3N 1H4

In love, peace, and solidarity...

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

And our Elders 13.Mar.2006 02:27


Prayers for our children and our elders. Don't leave the older people out of your prayers, they need help just as much as children. I don't know about the American Indians but in Australian Aboriginal Society the elders are respected to the highest degree. Can you publish a poem by Tre Arrow? Thanks