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Still waiting for justice...

I purchases my home for Kip Schoning who lives in Corvallis OR several years ago. I learned in Aug 2004 that he had defaulted on his loan and MY HOME was being foreclosed on by his seller.

I have already written an article about this but several things came to my attention today that I feel warrant a second "update" article.
Today I found this interesting comment on my original article. It is intreating for many reasons.

First the poster left a reply email indicating that the post was not anonymous. Alas, when I responded with a private email, it was returned "no address found".

HERE IS THE ENTIRE POST. I did not edit it because I did not want to infringe on the senders constitutional right to free speech:

"I had a completely different experience with Kip. He was extremely helpful and responded whenever I had troubles... I know that he has a large number of people who work for him and perhaps your experience is a result of their failures- but he was nothing but completely responsive and a nice guy.

I also am aware that all he does is legal- though people complain about his properties or actions they are well within the confines of the law. Perhaps you are under the impression that he is running some kind of charity- but he isn't- he's running a business that supports his family of four.

Again, my renting experience was nothing but positive and I've met people he's bought and sold homes to- and they all have had positive experiences. I'm sorry that yours wasn't- but this isn't any reason to slander a persons name."

Second, There where two "pro Schoning" posts (appearing to be form different senders) to my past articles. Both posted within 12 minutes on 2/22/06. What are the odds?

I guess I have real taken exception to this posting, especially the accusation of slander.... also legal just means mot breaking the law, it does not indicate integrety. Integrety would be dealing with and cleaning up after your own messes, not wallowing in the same shit for almost two years.

So, here is what has happened since I last published:

Last October, Mr Schoning did not show up for our scheduled court date. He told the judge he "forgot". Interestingly is attorney also forgot to show up!

We then were ordred by the court to schedule mediation. This was scheduled well in advance for early February. I paid my half of the mediation fee, $250.00. As of the last time I checked 1/30/06 Mr Schoning has not paid his half. However, despite this he was allowed to, and did, CANCEL the mediation a week before it was scheduled to occur! I am still waiting for him to find time in his busy schedule to resolve this matter and reschedule (and pay for) the mediation.

I am not looking to get take advantage of anyone, this mess that I did not has cost me ALOT of money and I want to just get back to were I was before I got in the middle of Mr Schoning's default. I simple want justice.

My advice for anyone thinking about any real estate transaction with Kip Schoning. Do not be fooled by this guy! You might want to go to the the court house and research his default history before you get involved with him.

FYI, A person would have to knowingly make a false statement to slander another. If it is written it is libel. Alas, sadly NOTHING I have said in any of my articles is false.

typos 10.Mar.2006 19:16

AM Opgenorth aggiemae@quik.com

Sorry about the typos. The font on Iidymedia is small Most do not change the intended meaning. However, the first line should read "from" not "for". I bought my home from Schoning.

Also I gorgot yo include my email, please dp contact me if you have had simialr dealings with Schoning or other.

Why not make it a point to 'showcase' his attorney? 19.Mar.2006 10:10


I just read through the previous thread you started in January. What a scumbag!

So, he has an bona fide attorney working for him? And his attorney continues to 'represent' him in the same evasive manner as Kip shows the process?

I say, give the contact info for Kip's attorney. People should call his attorney. After all, once someone has an attorney, it is the attorney's responsibility to make sure his client abides by the process.

For instance, the attorney forgot about the court hearing?

Then file a complaint with the oregon bar association. That attorney is facilitating his client's desire to thwart the legal process. That's unacceptable.

Yeah, shine the light on the attorney. HE (unlike Kip) has a VESTED interest in keeping his name clean in the legal community. People tend to not go to attorneys to represent scumbags in a scumbag fashion.

attorney 25.Mar.2006 23:47

AM Opgenorth aggiemae@quik.com

As far as I know Schoning does not have an attorney right now. He did have one all last year and I heard it quit only because Schoning has not paid him. I guess if Schoning pays up he the attorney will represent him again. I have seen this attorney's name on other Schoning defaults and land disputes in court documents so they have a long standing relationship. I guess he does not mind representing scumbags and alas scumbags do have the right to an attorney.

Schoning can not win this, case law is on my side. The reasonable settlement I offered in January was a gift. I will not be as generous now and by our next scheduled mediation, on June 22nd I might not feel any inclination to settle for less than I am entitled to under the law. Dealing with Kip is like dealing with a spoilt child who avoids anything he does not want to do.

I will make a complaint against the attorney first thing Monday. If the attorney will be representing Schoning again, I will post his name and contact info here.

I have been contacted by someone from Corvallis that want to do a story about my dealings with Schoning, who he described as a being a well know "shady character" around Corvallis.

Thank you for posting!

update- latest court date 20.Apr.2006 22:00

A M Opgenorth aggiemae@quik.com

Schoning has called the court and scheduled the mediation for June 22, 2006 apparently this is the first possible date he can tear himself way for his important business dealing and hectic life. This is over two years from when his default on my home began. Plenty of time to hide his assets.... I would ask people to come watch the show but there is no reason to think he will show up. More likely he will, once again, find a way to weasel out of showing up. Apparently this MO has worked for him so far, why should he change? I will post the time and location later.

I understand Schoning purchased a property in Sweet Home on 1/6/06. I hope that who ever considers buying it will google him first and read my articles!

Again, stay far away from Kip Schoning and any enterprise he is involved in. Learn from my mistake! Do not sell to him. Do not buy from him. Do not trust him.

prevailed in court 30.Sep.2006 10:53

AM Opgenorth

I prevailed in court, but of course NOTHING from Schoning.... There is something very wrong with the justice system when someone like this is allowed to make his moves on his own terms at his own pace.