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New Address for Joyanna Zacher!

Joyanna has a new address.
Joyanna Zacher has now been transferred to Lane County Jail -- please update your lists and address books accordingly.

New address:
Joyanna Zacher
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401
Nathan Has Been Moved, Too. 26.Mar.2006 14:01


Nathan Block has been moved to Lane County Jail.
Nathan Block has arrived at Lane County Jail, and it is not expected that he will be moved anywhere else for the time being.

Please send him letters of support! Remember NOT to discuss his case or anything illegal when you write to him. Use ball-point pen or pencil. Do not attach stickers or glue anything to the letter. You can send photocopies or photographs (no polaroids!).

His new address:

Nathan Fraser Block
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401

Nathan's support can be reached at: