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Biscuit Roadless areas threatened

A flash file.
The North and South Kalmiopsis Area as soon as 30 days from now?
What is the status? Maps? Etc. 10.Mar.2006 12:52


Hey, so i've heard two timber sales and also three. Which is it?

Also, I heard that the Blackberry timber sale (rumored to be up 1000 acres in size) is near the already logged berry and indi timber sales?

Is it the same drainage? Does anyone have specifics or maps?
If so get it out there so people know what to talk about or write letters about.

an informed public is an empowered force.

My flash file could not open 10.Mar.2006 20:52


Sorry, I failed to post a flash file showing MIkes Gulch. I live in Selma, near the roadless logging sale area.

Blackberry in along the North Fork Indigo Creek between Berry and Indi, it is one of two roadless area sales in the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless area. At over 188,000 acres the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless area is the largest roadless area in Oregon. Even the North Kalmiopsis itself is still the largest in Oregon but the North and South are basically contiguos.

The Blackberry logging sale and the Mikes Gulch sale have no prospectus out so any estimates of size would be purely speculation. The FS has said they will not release maps of the sale area until the auction date scheduled as soon as a few weeks from now. New snow has suposedly slowed them according to a Mail Tribune article printed today.

It is likely work will begin at Mikes Gulch first given the lower elevation and snow pack.

Pam Bode District Ranger is already planning a road closure similar to last summer's Eight Dollar Mountain Rd. The flowers are starting to turn making it a fabulous time to plan for an extended visit to the Wild Siskiyou. Please come!

Northfork Indigo Creek where BLackberry roadless area logging sale is being plan
Northfork Indigo Creek where BLackberry roadless area logging sale is being plan

sorry, correction 12.Mar.2006 09:13


Sorry about the mishap but the South Kalmiopsis (not the North) Roadless Area alone is the largest roadless area in Oregon at around 105,000 acres.

Merci Beaucoups 13.Mar.2006 16:40


Hey Justin "dude"- i just want to let you know how much your work is appreciated. REAL forest defense-NOT to be confused w/ talk and letter writing- can be such a goddam full-time punishment w/ very little if any REAL support and the more you contribute, the more complaining and criticizing (at the very least) you gotta' put up with. It's enough to make a fella' wanna' quit. Thanks for transcending all the stoopid shit and keepin' yer' eye on the ball.