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actions & protests m19 2006

3rd Anniversary March against the War

3rd Anniversary Seattle March Against the War in Iraq.
The 3rd Anniversary Seattle March Against the War will be held Saturday, March 18th at 2pm at the Seattle Federal Blg (2nd & Marion). The march steps off at 2pm but people usually start gathering around 1pm. We will march to the Seattle Center (Space Needle) for fiery speakers, VIP speakers, live music, spoken word poetry and more. Permits have been secured and all is set. This event is better than years past in that we will start at the Federal Building and march to the Seattle Center rather than visa-versa. This event has been organized by A.N.S.W.E.R. Seattle and is endorsed by groups like Teamsters #763, ILWU #52, American Friends Service Committee, Majority Visibility Project (www.mvp-seattle.com), Women in Black, Stand-Up Seattle, SEIU, Veterans for Peace and many others...

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When is Portland's 09.Mar.2006 17:55


Is it on Sunday the 19th?

March Sun March 19th 1:30 PM Morrison Bridge 10.Mar.2006 00:09

local activist

see you there!!