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Olympia's CodePink Says No to War

On March 8, 2006, forty people of all ages stood with CodePink in Olympia Washington to say no to the war in Iraq.
Despite the bitterly cold wind and some rain, more than forty people stood at Percival Landing to join CodePink's International Woomen Say No to War demonstration. Holding a wide array of signs, including a teddy bear who could no longer bear the war, the high school women stood with the white-haired elders. Members from Women in Black also were there, a solomn reminder of the violence across all the mideast.
Spirits were high despite the seemingly impossible task of ending this war.
The group waved to the people in cars who were going home from work. Most waved, honked their horns, or shouted their support. You could not predict based on the cars who would support the anti-war message; people in old cars, new cars, trucks and SUVS all supported the anti-war message. Bus drivers, plumbing guys, and a few men in military uniform flashed the peace sign as they drove by. I especially enjoyed seeing the young children traveling with their parents who all waved and smiled in support.
Now, I have been on Percival Landing many times over the past three years standing for peace and I think the responses from the drivers are a barometer. I can report that only one person made a rude gesture; in the past, there have been more including a few young men who would shout obscenities. Expressions of anger toward those speaking out against the war appears to have lessened. A small thing but these days, I take hope wherever I can find it.
As we begin the start of year 4 of this war, I hope that everyone finds a way to express their opposition. Whether you join the planned vigils or marches or create local ones with your neighbors, whether you flood your elected officials with demands to end the war or demands to bring the national guard home, whether you decorate your homes, neighborhoods, schools, and places of worship with signs of peace--do something. It may not feel that it makes a difference but who knows which of our actions will be the tipping point? The only thing that we know for sure is that doing nothing maintains things as they are.