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LA Farmers Protest at Gate to Developers Estate

About 30 farmers and their supporters protested tonight outside the entrance to the gated neighborhood in Brentwood where the man who wants to destroy their farm lives.
This was part of a weeklong series of actions to save the South Central Farm. Tonight (Thursday, March 9th) at 7pm farmers plan to protest at the mayor's mansion located at 605 S Irving Blvd near the corner of Wilshire and Crenshaw in Los Angeles. The mayor has made numerous promises to work out a deal to save the farm but so far nothing has materialized. The stay of eviction expires Monday the 13th and unless a solution is found the farmers will again being facing eviction by force. They have vowed to resist removal from the land they have farmed for the past 13 years. Millionaire developer Ralph Horowitz plans to destroy the gardens to build a warehouse that will be used by WalMart.

Photos from the protest: