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You may want to buy some Iodine Pills

Another Scare or not.
War is Peace
War is Peace
The people ought to ge some pharm grade potasiium Iodide for if Israel or The US attack Iran they may well need to use nuc. bunker busters.

Consequently radioactive I125 will be in the air and circulating the globe into your thyroide.

Its unclear as to the spread and extent, but THe US and Israel government cannot be trusted for

Safety information.
. 08.Mar.2006 10:22


It is also a good idea because measurable amounts of depleted uranium from Iraq have reached the UK. This means it has also reached the US.

second poster 08.Mar.2006 12:06


second poster, please site yourself

correction 08.Mar.2006 13:30

please do

cite* yourself

HUH? 08.Mar.2006 14:14

Mike stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

"It is also a good idea because measurable amounts of depleted uranium from Iraq have reached the UK. This means it has also reached the US."

UH -- I think you need to take Physics over again.

Irrespective of whether or not there is a problem with "depleted Uranium" taking Iodine would have no effect on radiation from THAT source. Radioactive Iodine is produced by nuclear fission breaking apart large atoms into much smaller ones. The radiation from the natural breakdown of Uranium is by alpha particle at most (a Helium nucleus) so the atomic weight is only dropping by four and the result still a heavy element. The chain of transformations continues with slight decrease of mass each time but reaches stable isotopes of elements FAR heavier than Iodine.

An atom bomb (a fission bomb, but since a fusion bomb is set off using a fission bomb, any atom bomb) produces a large amount of lighter elements (medium wieght, actually) many of which are radioactive isotopes. The idea behind Iodine pills is to saturate your body with non-radioactive isotopes of the element making it less likely you would get Iodine (possibly radioactive isotopes) from other sources. Unfortunately can't do that with Strontium << you will always absorb Stontium in preference to Calcium, so no matter how much non radiative Strontium you ingest you would still take in the more >>

u.s. army recommendation for radiation 08.Mar.2006 16:38

A veteran

The official army training that I recieved in fort polk louisiana proscribed that in case of a nuclear attack, you were to bend over and place your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye. I can't imagine that this has changed much in todays army, since the budget has shrunk for training of the actual soldier. In any case, we will just have to cross that bridge, if it's still there.

Save your pituitary gland 08.Mar.2006 19:10


because dying of other types of cancer is so much more pleasant

for 08.Mar.2006 20:43

HUH Mike

While iodine may not be the answer, what do you know of the
effects of miso on stontium?

iodo-no 08.Mar.2006 21:26

crazy leaders

The KI is for he kids more than the adults.