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NWCRC Press Release re: Police Violence @ 3-4-06 Schumacher fur protest

"Last Saturday, Portland Police Bureau officers and at least one private security guard hired by Schumacher's Fur store appear to have used excessive force during the arrest of two protestors exercising their First Amendment rights. Video shot by fellow protestors and made available to the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center clearly shows Sgt. Larry Graham violently and intentionally twisting the arm of a protestor after he had been subdued to the ground.

"The video shows a private security guard believed to be working for Schumacher's pepper spraying observers and protestors as Sgt. Graham continued to twist the arm of the young man. The video also shows a second protestor slammed against the pavement by another police officer without apparent provocation. [ NorthWest Constitutional Rights Center | Related Articles: More pictures from 3-5-06 Cop Riot @ Schumakers | Violence Erupts At Peaceful Schumachers Protest | Schumacher Furs Protest Report, March 4 | Channel 12 And Schumachers Team Up This Week For "Fur Giveaway" | Update on Arrestees from Fur protest ]
Morris(?) & Graham - 2nd takedown
Morris(?) & Graham - 2nd takedown
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