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Update on Cindy sheehan arrest: Roughed up by police

Cindy sheehan roughed up by police. Had permisson to deliver petition, but it was withdrawn later by someone high up.
'Editor's Note: t r u t h o u t 's Rebecca MacNeice was on the ground in New York filming the events when the arrests took place. Rebecca described the police as very rough. She said that many in the crowd were thrown against a building, including the press. She described the arrestees as being "dragged off" in a rough manner. TO also spoke to Cindy Sheehan's sister, Dee Dee Miller, who spoke to Cindy after the arrest. Dee Dee said that Cindy indicated that the police were very rough with her and the other three arrested. She said that they were requesting an ambulance, but we have not confirmed that anyone was seriously injured. Ann Wright, who was also on the scene, confirmed that the police were very rough and described that the arrestees were carried with their arms behind their backs. She said at times that their arms were raised very high, which could have caused an injury. We will have footage of the arrests very soon.

Steve Kent from Democracy Now! has provided us with the following update:

Here is an update on the arrest of Cindy Sheehan and three other activists at the UN today when they attempted to deliver a petition with 72,000 signatures organized by womensaynotowar.org to the United States mission. The four are being held now at Police Service Area 4, 8th Street and Avenue C, on their way to the DA's office. They are to be charged with resisting arrest. Sheehan is apparently rather injured from the arrest, according to Rev. Patti Ackerman, who just called from custody, with a wrenched arm and bruises on her torso and head from being dropped on the pavement. After initially telling the activists they could deliver the petitions to a receptionist at the US Mission, where they had an appointment to do so, the New York police cited a change of plan from "higher up" and moved in to prevent the delivery and arrest the activists. In addition to rough handling of Ms. Sheehan, one of the Iraqi women with the group was punched in the stomach. This according to Rev. Ackerman on the phone. One broadcast producer with whom I spoke who saw footage of the incident said the police were "particularly nasty" in their handling of the women.'
Police State 07.Mar.2006 18:59


If you've HAD it with the police state and the Iraq War, contact  civilresistportland@lists.riseup.net and sign the petition to Sen. Wyden at  http://www.petitiononline.com/wyden/petition.html

Wyden's staff likes petitions 08.Mar.2006 04:04


One click on [Delete], instead of having to open twenty or thirty, to check them out before deleting in case one of them is offering money.

Of course, if you've HAD it really, really bad, so bad that you have to get out of your chair...

I hate cops so intensely 08.Mar.2006 09:48


"the police were "particularly nasty" in their handling of the women.'"

This seems to have been the case since the 1960s. For some reason, police hate female dissenters more than male ones. The reason seems unclear at the moment. I wouldn't hesitate to belt a male cop in the face if I ever saw him hit a non-violent woman.