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Help. Looking for DJ King Fader

Looking to find mp3 made by long time portland sound engineer Jay Bozich.
It was a song about the war protest in Portland 3 years ago. It was posted at www.dahliamusic.com. Sadly, that site does not seem active anymore. If you have this mp3 or more info Please post. Thanks.

a tip and a request 07.Mar.2006 16:02


When you find that song, could you post here? I had been going to the dahliamusic.com site just to hear it, beautiful and powerful.

I wrote to the contact for Keith Schreiner (of Dahlia, among other bands) which is on the Auditory Sculpture website (www.auditorysculpture.com). Well, the contact address is there, I wrote him from my address book since I'm on the AS email list.

Also, there is a tribe.net community for Auditory Sculpture. I'm kinda allergic to those advertisement-supported communities, but feel free to log in and try posting a message:

Burnside Sit-In 032003 07.Mar.2006 17:05

Jay Bozich jdub@easystreet.com

If your looking for my 'protest mix' or the mashup I did a few years ago with KATU news footage and beats from Outkast it can be requested from me directly or you can download a low bitrate mp3 on my music myspace page.


I call it
"Burnside Sit-In 032003"

as in a 60's style site in, which it was, and the date 3-20-2003, date w/out separators makes it look more bianry code like.

Please leave comments and thanks and messages and let me know if your gonna use it for something in particular.

I still havn't gotten copies of this over to anyone at katu.
I left one on the window of a koin news vehilce last year some time.

thanks for posting... more info? 09.Mar.2006 00:57


Jay, thanks! I looked on both sites, couldn't locate the file. More info? Post a link?

Can't wait to get this downloaded 10.Mar.2006 12:30

Joe Anybody

it is here .....I havn't downloaded it but I see the link top / left

~ joe