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In Solidarity!

Police Violence is their answer...
Due to our Arraignment, March 6th we will be back in court for a Pre-trial on April 7th at 8am. Two charges where dropped and 2 more added to each person arrested at Schumacher Furs, located at SW 9th & Morrison.
Resisting Arrest-Dropped
Obstructing The Government-Dropped
Both charges replaced with "Inferring With A Peace Officer" and "Escaping Arrest" We both still hold not guilty and we do ever so much thank everyone for all the support. We need to fight against Police Violence! and fight against Animal Cruelity.
In solidarity!

I love you,

Thanks for the update 07.Mar.2006 22:54


I will try and come to your pre-trial, and I will definatly come to your actual trial along with many other folks. SOLIDARITY!!!!

Back at You! 08.Mar.2006 06:39


You bois are just the best. I'll be at the courthouse even though I hate the smell of the place and the way the stairs sound and even though it's at 8AM. Promise.