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Call for Mutual from LA South Central Farmers

The South Central Farmers and their supporters are putting out the call for mutual aid from environmental activists to help save their farmland.
They are facing eviction and destruction of the 14 acre farm they have farmed for the past 13 years in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. This is the largest urban farm in the US. They will lose the farm on Monday the 13th if a settlement can not be reached this week. They are prepared to physically resist eviction. This week is critical for them to put pressure on the mayor and the city council to intercede to save the farm.

Local activists have mobilized to converge on the farm to defend the farm and the farmers from forced eviction by the sheriffs. The call is going out statewide and nationwide to friends and allies of the environment to provide mutual aid in the defense of the farm.

See la.indymedia.org for background information and breaking news.

(Experienced tree sitters are needed.)