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New Grand Jury Subpoena

It appears that a new Federal Grand Jury is open and doing business now in Colorado. They sent an FBI agent to serve a Subpoena to me two weeks ago, but I was unavailable. This morning (March 6th) at 9:00 AM, two Benton county sheriffs came and laid the Subpoena at the feet of my wife by thrusting the paperwork through a crack in the door. A short scuffle broke out when she attempted to return the papers to them.

It appears that a new Federal Grand Jury related to the "Greenscare" is now open and doing business in Denver, Colorado. Their new fishing expedition arrived at the door of my home in Corvallis two weeks ago in the form of an FBI agent with a calling card. I was unavailable at the time, however, and the person who came to the door refused to answer any questions or take any paperwork.
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