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EcoTV Presents: Pics and Video from Pillow Fight

Although I arrived a bit late, it was pretty amazing to see Pioneer Square absolutely *filled* with people brandishing pillows. It's too bad that there weren't very many older people; I guess they forgot how to have fun. This was truly fantasic, and I can't wait for the next one! By the way, watch for the up and coming pillow fighter. The baby is not even two yet, and has a total killer instinct. You'll know it when you see it. [ read more ]

More Portland Pillow Fight 2006 Pics

Thank you for putting this on (whomever you are). It was a very fun and well organized event. I had a total blast, and was able to keep my camera in tact in the thick of things. Thank you to everyone who helped someone find something they lost. The kindness and conscientiousness on display was truly humbling. My apologies to any older people who couldn't go for saying you forgot how to have fun. I know the price for unbridled fun increases with age and responsibility, and I applaud events like this which remind us that much of the time, that price is worth it. [ read more ]

Preemption Strike
Preemption Strike