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More pictures from 3-5-06 Cop Riot @ Schumakers

More visuals of Graham and his faux-po, mace/pepper-spray carrying friend, Rick... the Schumaker goon.
People who just care about money and power are scared, and they'll break your arm to prove it. They've done it before. They'll try to do it again. These perverts and fellow nazis use our public money and resources to defend the torture of animals for hideous, embarrassing consumer items... only sociopaths like the Schumakers and their gestapo would stalk and maim children. It's time they're stopped in their tracks.
Can We Find the People Who are in the Pictures the Schumachers put up? 05.Mar.2006 10:39


They have a civil case for "right of publicity" - the Schumachers are using their images for a commercial purpose without their permission.

Give the Schumachers the death by a thousand cuts - or a thousand lawsuits.

Be Careful What You Ask For 05.Mar.2006 10:54


Of course, to sue Shumachers, the people in the pictures would have to identify themselves, give their addresses, etc.

Given the way the Shumachers are behaving, I think that lawsuits might go both ways.

security guard... 05.Mar.2006 11:23


i'm pretty sure that it is very illegal for the security guard to make physical contact with anyone...but there is a picture here of him grabbing someone up by their shirt...in the street too, not even in the store. you might want to show that picture to someone...

Schumacher Door Pictures 05.Mar.2006 11:59

One of the people...

My picture wasn't as bad as some of the others though... They doctored the photograph so that I was wearing a fur hat and the sign (Skinned Alive for Schumacher's) text was alterted to say something to the effect of: "Lambskin condoms are twice as durable".

Again, for my picture, let them put it up there... It still shows the animal that was skinned alive, and makes them look childish.

For some of the other pictures however, they were in poor taste, borderline threatening, and possibly even out-and-out illegal.

Unlawful arrest 05.Mar.2006 13:10

Onny Jsm_link_jsm@yahoo.com

"Obstucting The Government"
"Resisting Arrest"
"Disordly Conduct"
"Interfering With Police"
4 for the charges pressed against us.
When was pointing and yelling assult a reason to be arrested? When was standing in soliderity illegal?
Not Guilty
Not Guilty
Not Guilty

If you want to stand with us as witnesses in court please email me and I will send you times and dates.
We need as many people to stand with as us to state what you saw and what the videos recorded and audio taken.

Monday afternoon.
Justice Center

it's a sad day when a cop decides to kick you ass 05.Mar.2006 13:12


Yes, I plan on taking action. If you have any information for me "The guy who lost a lot of hair" please contact me at  clout@freegeek.org anything you have will be of use. My commrade and I have court this monday at 2pm in the justice center room 4.


We know where they live 05.Mar.2006 13:13

Photoshop Fun

Hey, let's play too! Everyone knows radical activists are WAY more creative than stuffy, boring old men who sell fur or fat, greasy, bar-fly looking women who sell fur and wag their giant asses from inside the store every time they go inside (c'mon, you know who you are). So, let's play too!

As most readers will recall, a disgruntled ex-security guard posted the Schumacher's home address recently. Hey! Let's make some fun pictures and take them over to their house and let their neighbors know what they do for a living.

Rights and dignity 05.Mar.2006 14:56

Lucy Parsons

1) To the best of my knowledge, security guards have all of the "rights" (as recognized by our government) that property owners do. I don't know if that includes physically touching someone. Perhaps y'all want to contact Rose City Copwatch and/or Portland Copwatch for a "Know your rights" training. (See  link to rosecitycopwatch.org to learn more about the two organizations.)

2) Since "everyone knows radical activists are WAY more creative" than the fur-wearing public, let's use that creativity to bust out of misogynist patterns. 'Photoshop fun' puts down fur-lovin' men as "boring," but feels a need to describe fur-lovin' women by how they look ("fat"? "greasy"?). Come on, folks. Let's disagree with people (or hate people, or put people down) well. You're just going to alienate your own supporters if they hear you dissing on women's bodies when what you really deplore is their violence towards animals.

To: Onny & Clout 05.Mar.2006 23:58


I will support you in any way I can! I saw what happened and could not believe the actions of the police. I'm surprised that their wasn't more serious injury's because it really looked like OFFICER GRAHAM was trying to break your arm.
Keep Indymedia updated on your court dates especially the trial date.
Don't let the cops or Shumachers intimidate you! Don't let this stop you from continuing to stand up for the animals.
We all thank you for being a voice for the voiceless :)

Portland police: 06.Mar.2006 00:23


I know you read this. So come on, don't send officer Graham back. He maced a crowd that was not threatening, pulled a protester out of the crowd who was doing nothing more than chanting (and yes, video shows this). When Schumacher does their 3x per protest calling thing, you really need to send officers who are calm and don't instigate and escalate situations. Officer Graham lost any credibility he may have had. What happened the other day didn't need to happen. Protesters will work to do our part in keeping things calm, there's an upcoming training by IDA to address just this issue, but the police need to work with this too. I'm still stunned at the way that the police behaved, it was wildly out of bounds, and I hope that at least some officers are better able to and trained to not single-handedly blow up a protest situation.

I'm in a pic on the door 06.Mar.2006 05:48


someone contact me please:  auntiesocial@riseup.net
If Schumacher's can hurt, arrest, and bring civil suit against my comrades, and someone thinks that I have a case, I'll sue.
I'll be at the hearing boys.
The one we call, Nick, rides a dazzling silver and black Honda motorcycle.
He was following the gang outside of Mary's on Sat. when you stopped for smokes.
I followed him, but ran out of gas near Lake Oswego.
Much love to all.

Another Copwatch link 06.Mar.2006 08:45

Lucy Parsons

Hey, I posted *two* links, one to each Copwatch organization. The one above works for Rose City Copwatch; you can learn about Portland Copwatch at  http://portlandcopwatch.org/whois.html.

(What's up with cutting the second link from my post, anyways?)

Sorry, but I've got to say it... 06.Mar.2006 09:34

bumrush the pigs

Officer Graham is a piece of shit. There have been multiple cases now of OTHER OFFICERS commenting to his arrestees about how his actions were "fucked up" and that he shouldn't be on the force any more because of his extreemly hostile, confrontational nature. It's a pretty sad situation when not even your fellow officers support you. And this isn't the first time he's been involved in cases like this. Remember the big ole' suit for excessive use of force a couple years ago. Yup, Graham was involved in that one too. I'm wondering if we can't get a record of his history, see what else he's been called out on, publicly or otherwise. To the police reading this, you know it's true. This guy is going to end up costing you a whole lot more money and negative PR than it's worth. He needs to be off the force and soon, or else someone else is going to get hurt, maybe even him.