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Violence Erupts At Peaceful Schumachers Protest

Violence and hate were oozing from the Schmachers store yesterday during a peaceful protest against the torture and killing of animals for their fur.
I came to this protest for the first time Saturday. I had just found out about the group because of the fur giveaway I witnessed on channel 12 last week. I came down to show my support and outrage by joining in. What I witnessed was a shock to me. The Schumachers had posted on their front door pictures containing the altered images of earlier protests. They contained immature and hostile captions. The one that I just couldn't believe was the one calling for the same torture and death for protesters as happens to the fur animals! The security guards in the Schumacher store were looking to stir up trouble from the time the protest started. They would randomly come out of the store and storm around taking pictures, acting all macho ,in my opinion , looking for a fight. They especially targeted the more spirited angels in our group, hoping that they would get a reaction. The Schumachers themselves would also come out with their cameras. I guess they are desperate to try and stop one of our rights in this country in defense of torturing and killing animals strictly for their fur! The police were called a couple of times with no incident. Then, an officer arrived, that in my opinion ,wasn't going to be happy until he arrested someone. I witnessed him knocking into one group on purpose after he mistakenly thought someone had messed with his car. The group voiced their distress and then ,one of the security guards came flying out of the store! The cop and the guard were really hurting this one man and the group gathered around upset. The policeman maced anyone in range although thay were just helplessly watching and chanting'Assault!', which is it was! He broke that poor man's arm! Then, police cars came from every direction. One actually jumped the curb and hit a concrete garbage can a couple of feet! Luckily no one was standing there! I couldn't believe so many cars arrived for such a small protest! And the perceived threat wasn't the protesters! I guess to some people in the gathering crowd ,it looked like the protesters fault. So I am here to tell you. IT'S NOT! I was there, and if anyone should be arrested ,it's the two security guards at the Schumacher Store. Some people are trying to use and abuse the more spirted ones in the group to discredit the cause. This won't happen. They can't justify the torture and killing of animals for their fur by their distaste for some protesters. That's not the way it works! A shout of support and love for the protesters arrested yesterday!