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Yet Another Pig Riot At Schumachers

We've gone through sound wars, death threats, arrests, 50% off posters, security guards, you name it, but this is where things got incredibly serious. Today, no one expected it to happen, and we were left in aw at one of the most horrendous sites I have possibly ever seen. The cops had enough. The constant phone calls and the image of peaceful protestors were just too much for them. Today, March 4th 2006, Officer Graham successfully broke a protestors arm and slammed his face into a pole. He also arrested a totally innocent other protestor, and pepper sprayed the whole lot of us. But for what? Absolutley nothing. I feel hunted, assaulted and an all around enemy of this state of America, and goddamnit if being a protestor makes me that than I sure as hell will be one.

After the immigration protest a friend and I walked up to the Schumacher protest for our usual protest against fur. When we got there, we were shocked to see photo edited pictures of ourselves on their windows. There was one picture of a naked 16 year old girl on their window from the previous naked protest. They were trying to brag to us that they have naked pictures of us. We found this entirely repulsive, sick, and it resembled the actions of a pedophile. One of the protestors was so outraged by this that he rightfully snatched the picture from inside their door. The security guards tried to attack us and when he got the picture and a couple of fists flied from the Schumacher side. We were just standing in-between them. One of the security guards, Nick, followed this protestor to try to get a picture of him, maybe to hang his picture up on their window for the next protest. We blocked him from taking a picture knowing their satanic ways. [ Related articles: More pictures from 3-5-06 Cop Riot @ Schumakers | Violence Erupts At Peaceful Schumachers Protest | Schumacher Furs Protest Report, March 4 | Channel 12 And Schumachers Team Up This Week For "Fur Giveaway" | Update on Arrestees from Fur protest ]
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