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More Photogs From Immigrant Rights Demonstration

Another batch of photographs from the Immigrant Rights March through downtown Portland today.
Apparently I was way off with my earlier estimate of crowd size. If Ramon Rameriz of PCUN counted the crowd and came up with 3,000-4,000, I'm satisfied with that guestimate.
The crowd was large, stretching out a number of blocks, and, even when they compacted up to march down 3rd street, they stretched down at least two blocks and around the corner out of sight.

Seems that this country is fond of War. The War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism. Yet, after so many failures it would seem logical to assume that these tactics do not work, and perhaps another strategy is warrented. But, our leaders continue down the same road, committed to the same way of framing the problem and the same belligerent response.

There are more poor in this country than when President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty. There are more drugs on the street, more coming in from more direction that ever. There are more Terrorists in Iraq, more drugs in Afghanistan, and certainly more poor and hungry people in both those unfortunate countries.
Yet, the bombs are still falling, the doors are still being kicked in, the wires are being tapped, the rich are getting reacher from all these activities, and the poor are slowly losing what Social Programs have helped to keep them feed, clothed, sheltered and educated.

Now, we're moving down that same road in repsonse to a perceived "illegal immigrant invasion." No doubt the outcome will be much the same. Instead of dealing with our failed trade policies which accounts to a large degree for this influx, instead of emphasizing rather than diffusing our Constitutional Rights, instead of honoring our committment to Humanity, we pass laws designed to alienate them and insulate us from the failures of our past wars.

All these years what we've really done is initiate a War on Common Sense, attacked and shreded that Common Wealth which is the Brotherhood of all people, all cultures, all nations. But in the end we cannot be protected from our own arrogance and stupidity. Those peaceful people in the streets today held firm to their belief in "certain inalienable rights," and announced this fact through the concrete canyons, past the stop and go traffic, beyond the river and the bridges and the freeways girding the city-
Respeto a los trabajadores, Ningun ser human es ilegal...Respect all workers, No Human Being is Illegal.

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