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Report Back From No Human Being Is Illegal Rally

Walking along with the crowd many questions filled my mind. Is the American Dream solely for Americans? Are the Rights guaranteed by our Constitution only for U.S. citizens? Or did our Founding Fathers produce a document for Humanity, intending to create an arena where all people could realize this Dream, because here we are all equal, we are all equal, we are all equal? Despite Guantanamo Cuba, and Abu Ghraib, and the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act, and Sessenbrenner Bills and the daily trash passing for news, we all have it within our power to conduct ourselves according to the lofty principles given to the world in our Declaration of Independence and Constition.

This event today demonstrated that there are many Americans who believe in Equality, who will stand up and march for Justice, against short sighted profits and long range discrimination. Who will take the Founding Fathers at their word, if not their behaviour, and provide safety for those whose immigration into our country has been a mixed bag of overt illegality by law enforcement and winking acceptance by those standing to profit from cheap labor. [ More Photogs From Immigrant Rights Demonstration | Immigrant Rights March Pictures, part 1 of 2 | Immigrant Rights March Pictures, part 2 of 2 ]
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