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Channel 12 And Schumachers Team Up This Week For "Fur Giveaway"

This week, along with KPTV channel 12's "More" morning show , Schumachers is giving away a $27,000 mink coat as a tie in with the Academy Awards. The station and Schumachers have stated that fur is "hot" in Holloywood and you will be seeing alot on the red carpet.
I am a self employed Nursery Broker and am home in the mornings sometimes. I caught the "More" show and the news of the fur giveaway on Monday. I have Emailed exexutive producer Seth Feldman and anchor Kimberly Maus all week, originally, telling them giving away fur was "disgusting and wrong",and I was "shocked and disappointed" in their station. They have responded by refusing to adress my concerns because they saw my words as"hurtful" and "hostile", and that I had too much "angst". I stated to both that there is a dangerous thing going on in this country; when you speak out against the staus quo, you are dismissed as angry or hostile, and then it's easy for them not to adress the issue. Sound familiar? I sent them furisdead.com and challenged them to watch and then stand behind what they are doing. Each Email (and they were carefully thought out by me to avoid their dismissal ) was answered with their hostility and refusal to answer my concerns. They mentioned 3 "hate mails" the day after my first E mail and laughed them off. I told them objecting to fur wasn't "Hate". It ended with Seth stating he would rather not have me as a viewer! OK! As a side note; also on Monday they had a segment on carpooling using a Hummer! YIKES!

Let furisdead.com know about this 04.Mar.2006 08:44


This story should be promintently displayed at "Action Alerts"
on furisdead.com's homepage, then be certain Channel 12 knows
the story's been posted there.

Perhaps other allied sites to the cause should have the story too.
Just make sure Channel 12 knows of this.

Typical Corporate Media 04.Mar.2006 20:37


Typical corporate media bullshit. Continue the culture of materialism while calling any dissent hate.

Email addresses 11.Jul.2006 15:07



I have yet to locate Seth Feldman's email addy, but hopefully will soon.

Show Ch 12 how us animal rights advocates feel about their fur-plugging fiasco.