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Pirate Radio Station Visited by FCC

After 3 years of broadcasting, the Portland Radio Authority was paid a visit by a person identifying themselves as an agent of the Federal Communications Commission at 2pm, Wednesday the 1st of March. A call was placed to the stations facilitators and an e-mail was then sent to all station dj's ordering and immediate halt to all station activities. It is unclear at this point if charges or penalties will be made, but the FCC scrutiny could have dire consequences for the long-standing pirate station.

PRA programming has consisted of music from a broad variety of genres, and featured local artists' recorded material or even live performances. The station sponsored and broadcast the Portland Pop Now Festival in 2004 and 2005 with a subsequent compilation released. In addition to broadcasting illegally on 95.1fm and later 96.7fm, the Portland Radio Authority has, and may continue to broadcast on praradio.com.
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