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actions & protests m19 2006

3rd Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

March 18th marks the 3rd anniversary of the start of the illegal war in Iraq...as always, thousands of anti-war, anti-Bush folks will be out in force in Seattle...
Saturday, March 18th marks the 3rd anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq. Seattle's march and rally will be much better this year as we march first then gather at the Seattle Center rather than visa versa like last year...
Gather at the Federal Building, 2nd and Marion, downtown Seattle at 1pm and the march starts at 2pm...we will end at the Seattle Center with fiery speakers and thousands of like-minded folks who are ready for the Bush Crime Family to be investigated, tried, convicted and executed for crimes against humanity and treason...

homepage: homepage: http://www.answerseattle.org
phone: phone: 206-568-1661

Have a great day Seattle 01.Mar.2006 21:42

I'm with you in spirit

But, if this is all we do (peaceful marches), then there is sure to be a 4rd Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq ... and who knows what other countries will be invaded by then?

I hope this will be an opportunity for people to come together and discuss stronger, and more meaningful ways of resistance.

My feeling are the same as they were a year ago:

"On the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, about 2,000 Oregon protesters managed to briefly exit their vehicles to direct their ire at the current oil war in the mideast. From Portland to Bend to Ashland and places in between, protesters held the usual signs: "Honk for peace" and "No oil wars."

One could guess at the reasons for the very low turnout: (1) protest marches are becoming passe, (2) Reps. DeFazio, Hooley, Walden, and Wu recently approved another $81 billion for the war, so there's really nothing we can do, and (3) we are becoming accustomed to oil wars; after all, we need the stuff.

In 1982, then-U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig uttered these profound words: "Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes." My 2005 addendum to Mr. Haig's quote is "Let them march, or not march, all they want, as long as they continue to buy gasoline and diesel."

I'll believe that anti-war protesters are seriously troubled by illegal oil wars only after they refuse to pay war taxes, and they give up their fossil fuel-burning vehicles."

Cut off the money 01.Mar.2006 22:25

Lynn Porter

Another vote is coming up this month on an appropriation for the war in Iraq. The only way Congress has to stop this war is to cut off the money for it. Tell your senators and representative that you want them to vote against any more money for the war.


Are you awake Portland? 02.Mar.2006 03:38

Phoenix Rising

I think that it is fabulous that Seattle is being proactive regarding the demonstration that will be taking place on the third anniversary of the occupation in Iraq... Does anyone know if Portland is having a similar demonstration? Come on Portland, we need to organize!

There will be a demo 02.Mar.2006 08:28

Heard it on corporate OPB

Heard it on OPB, then I checked the calendar section of this here IMC site, and here is what it says:

March 19th 2006 protest/rally
Time 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Title End the War; Begin the Peace Rally & March
Portland, Oregon
Location Waterfront Park, north of the Morrison Bridge, downtown Portland
Speaker various
Phone Contact Dan Handelman 503-236-3065
Topic / Issue Peace
Sponsor Peace & Justice Works, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition & others
Peace rally and march planned for third anniversary of war on Iraq, calls for bringing the troops home and funding human services. Over 100 organizations mobilize for March 19 at Waterfront Park As the third anniversary of the US war and occupation of Iraq approaches, local Oregon/Washington peace and social justice organizations are firming up plans for a large-scale rally and march calling for withdrawal of US troops.

This latest mobilization opposing the US policies in Iraq has the overall theme "End the War, Begin the Peace" and is set for Sunday, March 19th, at Waterfront Park, north of the Morrison Bridge, in downtown Portland. Organizers say that there will be literature tables and music, and that folks are invited to gather at 1:30 PM for a rally set to begin at 2:00 PM. A peace march through downtown Portland will begin at 2:30 PM.

"Thousands of our soldiers have lost their lives and limbs, and billions of dollars have been wasted in this unconscionable war, along with a hundred times that loss to the Iraqi people," explained Betsy Toll of Living Earth, one of over one hundred local and regional organizations that are co-sponsoring or endorsing the rally and march. "All this has accomplished is to drastically escalate the levels of hatred and terror in the world," said Toll. "We need to end this war, end this corrupt occupation, and bring our troops home."

The groups involved in planning and supporting the rally encompass the broad diversity of opposition to the Iraq war. Many social justice organizations are active in the planning including military families and veterans groups, organized labor, environmentalists, local businesses, the familiar peace and human rights groups, and groups from various spiritual faiths. "As an Evangelical Quaker, I believe that God does not want us to engage in any war on this earth for any reason," explained Rachel Hampton, a member of the Peace Committee of the West Hills Friends Church, another organization involved in planning the mobilization. "Christ admonishes us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us," said Hampton. "We cannot both love our enemies or our neighbors and kill them."

As in the past, this rally and march blends the themes of opposition to wars and occupations abroad with concerns for social justice and human needs at home. "While the devastation and suffering caused by the wars and occupations are foremost in our hearts, we are also deeply concerned with the attacks on the Bill of Rights, the warrantless wiretaps and detentions without trial, the cutbacks in urgently needed social programs and education spending," said William Seaman, of the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition. "Our nation's priorities have been hijacked by the rich and powerful at the expense of ordinary working people, as shown by the hurricane Katrina catastrophe, the retaliation against intelligence whistleblower Joseph Wilson, and the outrageous big-money lobbying scandals that have recently come to light," said Seaman. "We know that opposition to our country's current domestic and foreign policies has increased and deepened in the past year, and we hope that those who feel the same will join us on March 19th to be a strong voice for change."

"We're very excited about the variety of organizations coming together to oppose the ongoing war on the Iraqi people," said Dan Handelman of the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group. "This war really began over 15 years ago and continued in the form of bombings and sanctions, with the March, 2003 invasion marking a direct siege of Iraq by the U.S.," said Handelman. "The rally will connect for ordinary Oregonians the high price of gas, which has led to record profits, with the war, which serves to secure U.S. control of oil flow and permanent military bases in the region."

Gabrielle Chavez of Christ the Healer of the United Church of Christ explained her dedication to the work opposing the US war and occupation in Iraq. "Jesus took the biblical command to love your neighbor and extended it to loving your enemy too," said Chavez. "Love your enemy as yourself. Do unto others as you would have it, not because it's the law, but because it's you that experiences the consequences," said Chavez. "In my tradition, all war is suicide because I am another you."

Martina Rutledge of the Justice & Witness Team of Bridgeport United Church of Christ also expressed her group's involvement in terms of their religious commitments. "As people of faith, we believe that all humanity is connected through bonds of brother- and sisterhood that transcend race, religion and nationality," explained Rutledge. "We mourn the human rights violations and loss of life that have come about as a direct result of this war. Violence only begets more violence. It is not through war, but through the teachings of compassion and non-violence espoused by Jesus and the world's other great spiritual teachers that our world will begin to heal and live peacefully."

One of those involved in the planning for the March 19th mobilization explained some of the thinking behind the overall theme for the event. "The theme of 'End the War, Begin the Peace' reminds us that we are not just calling for the end to an immoral, illegal, and dangerous war," said Curt Bell of People of Faith for Peace and Oregonians Against the War. "We are also affirming the possibility of the wonderful world we could have if we gave our resources and energy to building that world instead of to war."

For more information, or to find out how your organization can add its name to the list of co-sponsors or endorsers for this rally and march, please call Peace & Justice Works at (503) 236-3065. A full list of cosponsors is posted at .


Something to think about 02.Mar.2006 16:59

during war protests

An estimated 42 percent of our federal income tax dollars was spent on past and present military activities.

Overall military-related spending (for past and current wars and military activities) increased about 9.5 percent in FY05 over FY04, while total federal funds spending grew by about 9.0 percent.

 link to www.fcnl.org

And what are YOU doing about it?