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Schumacher Furs Protest Report, February 25

Colorful red and yellow tulips and daffodils adorned the display windows of Schumacher Furs this Saturday. Usually symbolizing spring and rebirth, these flowers were perhaps more representative of funeral flowers, as if placed there in remembrance of the 40 million animals killed each year by the fur industry. A pink rabbit fur purse hung gaudily in one of the windows. Hey Schumacher: dying fur pink does not change the grim reality of cruel death and needless suffering. Millions of animals, including dogs and cats, are bludgeoned, boiled, strangled with wire nooses, and bled to death before they are skinned for their fur. See http://www.furisdead.com for info and videos about how animals are used in the fur industry.

From inside the funeral parlor called Schumacher Furs, old Mr. Schumacher himself pathetically held a sign calling one of the protesters a whore (she was one of the people arrested recently which is likely how he knows her name). An act of desperation by a desperate man. We have been told that protesters have actually been offered money to stay away from the protest by someone claiming to be a friend of one of the Schumacher employees. The Schumachers are likely quite surprised that our protests did not end at Christmas. In fact, the protests continue to get bigger and livelier as more and more people get educated about the fur industry and decide to join us. This week, a Schumacher call to the police only resulted in a police officer politely reminding us to keep the sidewalk clear.

May this spring see a rebirth of compassion and kindness towards all living beings. Come join us this Saturday in front of Schumacher Furs at SW 9th and Morrison from 12:30ish until 4:00 or later. Signs, leaflets, and vegan treats provided.

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