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Price Check on the Patriot Act!

The concept for the event was to illustrate the price of passing the Patriot Act. It shows how we have commodified our basic rights under the guise of protecting the American people from "terrorism" in its ever-broadening definition. The winners are multinational corporations like Halliburton.

Underhandedly, America has traded the Bill of Rights for promises of security in the aftermath of a successful fearmongering campaign. Free speech has been suppressed when the speech, spoken or written, affects the profits of a corporation. We have openly advocated to suspend the rights of people suspected of "terrorism," in its ever-broadening definition. We have suspended rights of habeus corpus and right to an attorney. We have detained people who are suspected of "terrorism" and most deplorably, we have tortured these people, and defended our "right" to do it. [ EcoTV Presents: Portland Can't Wait's "Price Check on the Patriot Act" demo | http://www.portlandcantwait.org ]
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