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Update on Rod Coronado's Detention Hearing 2/27/06

A hearing at the federal courthouse in Tucson this morning ended without a clear resolution on Rod Coronado's detention. Magistrate judge Charles Pyle has taken the matter under advisement after the prosecution and the defense argued back and forth on whether Coronado should remain in custody and be extradited to San Diego, where he is charged in a grand jury indictment with "distribution of information relating to destructive devices." It is unknown how long it will take for Judge Pyle to decide.

At 10:30 am Monday morning well-known environmental activist and Tucson community member Rod Coronado appeared in Tucson federal court once again, this time for a "Detention and Removal" hearing. Coronado has been held at the Florence detention facility since last Wednesday, when he was arrested suddenly by federal agents. This hearing was to decide whether he would be released on bail, to later "self-surrender" at the federal district court in San Diego - where a grand jury has charged him in connection with a lecture he gave there - or if he would remain in custody and be extradited to California pending trial.

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