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We have not yet begun to fight!

A call for spiritual action to reclaim the lost Ideals of the American Revolution.
When somebody posted "The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America" a short while ago, it seemed to me to hit a nerve:

I guess Hegel said that history always repeats itself twice, to which Marx later added "the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce."

I'm of a strong mystical bent (as were many of the founding fathers) and I tend to believe that countries and groups can have a karma as well as individuals. I think the original United States revolution was hijacked and twisted to suit the purposes of the international bankers, and we've just shifted from bowing and scraping from one master to another. What if all masters are simply pimps to the same whore of Babylon?

For this reason, I think this country has some heavy karma to deal with and we're seeing it being played out now. I also think, that on this very website (among others) we're seeing the birth of the new Revolution: one that won't be fought with guns and cannon, but with spirit, heart, and intent.

I feel this world is changing, just as it did during the Enlightenment -- but in a much more profound way. Do *you* feel it? Do you see that people have to give up their old ways of resolving differences? Do you see the beginnings of a new movement, one where people strive to reclaim their lost spiritual power (which is Awesome) and refuse to tolerate the old order of deception and the philosophy of "divide and conquer?"

If you do, maybe you belong to a group karma that I've seen strongly represented at PDX Indy. I think we may very well be the new revolutionaries, though many of us, in fact, have trod this path before. If what I'm saying resonates with you, let's resolve to form a group on a spiritual, heart level, using the power of prayer and intent to cement our aims. The world is changing, and I think it will become increasingly easier to communicate on this level than ever before. Are we resolved? It all starts with your intent.
So true 24.Feb.2006 23:06


And there is noting here to indicate that you ever will begin.