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imperialism & war m19 2006

Preparing for a War on Iran

Please attend the Sunday March 19 rally & march at Portland's Waterfront Park to protest the war in Iraq on its 3rd anniversary.

Don't accept the continuing Amerikan war crimes.
Check this out, just copied from an Iranian community e-mail group. These folks sure look like the real-life manifestaion of the C.L.I., the Committee to Liberate Iran, noted in George Clooney's spot-on movie, Syriana.

I just would like someone in the audience there to stand up and pointedly question Senators Lieberman & Santorium about the likelihood of 10,000s and maybe 100,000s of Iranian casualties sure to result when the US and/or Israel attacks Persia. It will happen.

"Just how many deaths is it going to take, sirs, to tip the balance past the point Amerikans can no longer stomach the outright slaughter of innocents in their names?

"How many more dead on both sides, senators, are you prepared to accept!?"

Lieberman deserves to be forever shamed out of his Senate seat. And Santorum? He's been an embarrassment from the moment he stepped foot in Washington.

Dark clouds are forming with no end in sight.

These are dangerous and awful times.


Subject: Iranian Dissidents to lead Panel Discussion on Democracy in Iran

Please join Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT)
for a panel discussion led by some of Iran's leading pro-democracy voices.
The event, which will be sponsored by The Foundation for Defense of
Democracies and the Iranian Students for Democracy and Human Rights, will
provide updated information on human rights abuses in Iran and detail the
progress of Iran's pro-democracy movement as well as the hurdles
confronting it.

The event will feature Mr. Akbar Atri and Mr. Ali Afshari, each of whom
have suffered physical abuse and imprisonment at the hands of the Islamic
Republic for their respective roles in the Iranian pro-democracy movement.
Both are founding members of the Iranian Students for Democracy and Human
Rights, an organization representing the voices of Iran's strongest reform
movement: the youth.

Ms. Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, a former Iranian parliamentarian who resigned in
protest over her government's crackdown on reformers, will detail the
problems reformers face within the government. A longtime defender of
freedom of the press and women's rights, she was sentenced to a term of 20
months in prison for "inciting public opinion and insulting the

The panelists will share personal experiences of the horrors that take
place in their native country and share their views on what Iranians, U.S.
policymakers and the world can do to support those fighting for democracy
in Iran.

This event comes as the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to squash the
freedoms of its citizens by rounding-up, imprisoning and torturing those
who work for democracy. The briefing will detail important developments
in the reform movement and provide valuable insight into the prospects for
democracy in Iran.

What: A panel discussion on prospects for democracy in Iran.

When: Thursday, March 2, 10:30 AM.

Where: U.S. Capitol, Room S-120

Please enter through the Senate side (Constitution Ave.) and go to the
appointment desk.

RSVP: Please RSVP to  toby@dershowitzgroup.com to be included on the
appointment desk's list on attendees.

Media wishing to set up one on one interviews, or for further information,
please contact Toby Dershowitz at 202-250-6104 /  toby@dershowitzgroup.com
image for feature posting 23.Feb.2006 15:04

Paul Bremmer


a bunch of men in suits talking about democracy in washington... 23.Feb.2006 19:37

this thing here


if "democracy" in iran is created the same way "democracy" in iraq has been, then it too will suffer the same fate. 100% guaranteed results.

creating a democracy. sounds so easy. you're a neo-con, you're backed by a trillion dollar military, you want a democracy, and so you expect it just to happen in some country because you think it's a neat idea. presto. bang. democracy.

i don't have a degree in law, civil government, or foreign affairs, and i'm certain that this recipe is fucked from the word go.


why? there's this thing, this key stone of the whole freaking thing, called indigenous ownership.

if the people in the country don't trust the democracy because they feel some other forces (besides their own desires for it) are behind the "democracy", they're not going to invest shit in it.

what if america never had a revolution. what if france road in on a high horse and prodded and pushed and lectured and advertised the colonies to "c'mon and get on the democracy band wagon". hello, what about the people in the colonies? what do they think, what do they want? "oh, but democracy is the best thing since sliced bread, so who cares what the colonists want." so then, not only do the french come in on their high horse, they start funding and fighting a war for... no, not their demoracy, but for the sake of reluctant colonists. hello, what about the people in the colonies? what do they want, what do they think? so there's this revolution, but in the end everything in washington d.c. reeks of france, and nobody in america believes in "their" government.


it's not any different for any other country or society anywhere on earth, or the freaking universe for that matter. but this FACT OF LIFE is completely lost on the advanced degrees and hundred thousand dollar salaries in their fancy suits in washington. and it's not like they haven't had a few chances to learn, "south" viet nam, haiti... completely lost on them. they're supposed to be better than all of us, smarter, to lead us. but really, need it be said, they are total idiots, lethal in their incompetence and ignorance and lies...

yes that is true 23.Feb.2006 21:22

but also...

don't forget our government doesn't give a two shits if the country becomes democratic or not as long as they accomplish whatever real goals they are there for.

when victory will taste 24.Feb.2006 08:54

like ashes in our mouths

I understand the war is going quite well.

yes, quite well indeed.