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Rod Coronado Arrested Yesterday!

Details are sketchy, but a federal indictment was handed down by a Federal Grand Jury in San Diego charging Rod with "teaching and demonstrating the making of a destructive device" before a crowded room at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center in Hillcrest on Aug. 1, 2003, one day after an arson at the University Towne Center apartment complex under construction in San Diego.
All I have seen so far is a mainstream news report in the San Diego Union-Tribune. It states that, if convicted, Rod faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison. The statute under which Rod is charged was passed in 1997, and his is the fifth indictment under this statute nationally. The link to the news article is below. Said Daniel R. Dzwilewski, special agent in charge of the San Diego division of the FBI, "Whether you were born here or abroad, we will not stand back and allow you to terrorize our communities under the guise of free speech."

The photo below appeared in the September 2003 issue of Zenger's Newsmagazine with the following caption, "At his August 1 lecture in Hillcrest, Rod Coronado used this apple-juice jug and non-lethal fluid to demonstrate how he made incendiary devices in the 1990's."

homepage: homepage: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20060222-1746-elf.html

Link to today's Union-Tribune with more details 23.Feb.2006 09:48


Rod is still awaiting sentencing for his December conviction in interrupting the tracking of cougars in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. He faces up to 7-1/2 years for that conviction.


the picture... i hope 23.Feb.2006 09:51


I can't ever seem to figure out how to load a picture on this thing...

one more time... 23.Feb.2006 10:02


The photo...final attempt.

2 months back Rod was found guilty of a felony for civil disobedience 23.Feb.2006 10:09

reposted from previous indy report


The jurys verdict came back yesterday afternoon guilty on all three charges for both defendants (Rod Coronado and Matt Crozier)...
The jurys verdict came back yesterday afternoon guilty on all three charges for both defendants (Rod Coronado and Matt Crozier). Specifically, Rod and Matt were found guilty in federal court of:

Felony conspiracy to interfere with or injure a government official (max 7 years)

Misdemeanor interference with or injury to a forest officer (max 6 months)

Misdemeanor depredation (theft or destruction or the attempt to do so) of government property (max 1 year).

Remember, all three charges relate to an Earth First! campaign to prevent mountain lions from being captured or killed by hunters in Tucson, Arizona in March 2004. For details about the trial, including the way the prosecution alleged that using the media as part of a campaign now constitutes conspiracy and intimidation, visit www.azef.org (newest updates will be posted in the next day or two). In the next few weeks, we will release a statement about the political ramifications of this trial and what it means for direct-action organizers around the country.

The prosecution asked that Rod be taken into immediate custody, but the judge denied the request. However, the prosecution might still file an official motion to that effect.

As of now, both Rod and Matt will remain free until their March 8, 2006 sentencing. They have expressed thanks for all the support they've received so far from the community. As more information becomes available about ways that you can support Rod and Matt, we will let you know.

Obviously, this is a serious blow to us personally and organizationally. Nonetheless, while we may be reassessing our specific strategy in light of this conviction, our commitment to defending Arizonas wildlife with effective direct action will not change.

For more information, contact Chukshon Earth First! at  sabthebastards@hotmail.com.

Till All Are Free,
Chukshon EF!


picture 23.Feb.2006 11:38

a supporter

Can that photo NOT be posted here. While the Feds have it and many others have seen it, no use in further posting it around. I don't see why anyone who hasn't already seen it needs to.

Support Rod! 23.Feb.2006 11:50


Please keep an eye on this and DO PRISONER SUPPORT WORK for Rod and all the other recent and past arrestees.

Rod is one of the most harrassed activists in the whole country.

It's no coincidence that an outspoken Native American who condemns capitalism, government and the ecoterrorism wrought by industry faces such extraordinary levels of persecution. This goes right to the heart of all the problems in the U$A and should be a matter of extreme concern for anyone concerned with environmental or social issues. It should also be noted that Rod is a father, caring for a 3(?) year-old son.

With all that has happened in the past few months, if you haven't written a prisoner support letter yet YOU SHOULD BE FEELING VERY GUILTY! Get out that pen / computer and do it right now; you can write a pre-emptive letter to Rod, pending release of his new address.

No excuses! Most important, keep up the resistance....

The Photo 23.Feb.2006 12:38

Gumby Cascadia

That photo is posted on San Diego Indymedia and on many other public sites. In Rod's own words:

"You're damn right when you say I've shown people how to make a firebomb," Coronado said in an interview with The San Diego Union-Tribune in July. "I've done my time for my crimes, and I should be able to talk about them."

"I definitely welcome the opportunity to defend myself against this investigation because it's so frivolous," he said.

Rod is defiant and uncompromising in his beliefs. He will defend his right to speak out, as should we all, instead of cowering in times of repression.

amor y rabia,

Thanks Gumby 23.Feb.2006 13:37


It's time we stop running.

rod coronado updates 23.Feb.2006 14:34


please check arizona indymedia (www.arizona.indymedia.org). we are closely following the story and will have an update following his hearing today.

Right ON. 23.Feb.2006 15:19


"It's time we stop running."

Yes indeed.

update on arizona imc 24.Feb.2006 05:57


Thursday 3pm update: Coronado was formally charged with felony "distribution of information relating to destructive devices" at a 2pm arraignment hearing. He is scheduled to have a Detention and Removal Hearing Monday at 10:30 AM with a different judge, U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles R. Pyle (Courtroom 2C). Coronado will be held in custody until Monday. Twenty supporters attended the 2pm hearing. Tensions were high in the courtroom, and one supporter was asked to leave after she "made eye contact" with Coronado.

Check back soon for more updates. For those interested in giving assistance, a fund is being set up for donations to help support Coronado's children. Details will be posted here when we know more.

Stop Running 24.Feb.2006 07:42


It's time we recognize, out loud and in force, who it is who is doing wrong here, and who is not. Rod Coronado, and others charged as "terrorists" in the wake of the all-too-transparent PATRIOT act are not criminals. The criminals ARE, in fact, those who would destroy our world and kill every living thing for their own selfish, short sighted profits. Those who would save us from that, from a fate of dead, lifeless concrete puncuated here and there by deserted wal marts, a world devoid of any meaningful interactions, in fact, devoid of any life at all finally, yes those who would save us from that are not the criminals.

It's time to stop being silent, to stop running scared, to stop acquiescing in this by acting like any of us has something to hide. We are everyone, and everywhere. It's time we stood up and let that show. "We" are the people who believe in life over corporate profit. "We" are in every town, on every street, everywhere. "They" are holed up ion bunkers at the tops of their ivory towers. "They" are a few weak, cowardly parasites hiding behind "laws" that they bought and paid for. "They" are fighting for their own unearned privileges and profits in a world that cannot support them. It is THEY who are the criminals, not us.

Rod Rocks! 24.Feb.2006 11:40

Working Class Mama

Rod is somewhat of a hero to me. His courage is so inspiring. He has everything to lose and still he puts himself on the line to make a better future for his child and the generations to come. He shows everyone that the excuses people use to avoid action are bullshit. This is what makes him so dangerous in the eyes of the authorities. His spirit triumphs over every punishment they could ever throw his way and they know it.

This law is unconstitutional 24.Feb.2006 11:42

Elrond of Imladris

The charge of "demonstrating the use of a destructive device," a charge which is in direct violation of the First Amendment unless their is the IMMEDIATE risk that destructive devices will be made.

For such a charge to be constitutional, the prosecution would have to prove that there was an "IMINENT RISK" that the information would be acted on essentially on the spot. In other words, if you were to demonstrate the making of Molotovs to a crowd that had just taken over a gas station, had plenty of glass bottles, and had a target maybe this would stick.

The U$ Attorney's office claims he taught this with the "intent" that the information be used, but the relevant stature in almost certainly unconstitutional by previous Supreme Court rulings requiring an "imminent threat" for a restriction on speech.

This charge is the only count in the indictment, no doubt issued in desperation by the U$ Attorney's office as the Green Scare seeks to incarcerate or intimidate into submission all activists who dare to speak out on behalf of Earth or her creatures.

The FBI and BATF(both famous for burning people alive at Waco) arrested Rod Wednesday. If the court can be convinced to convict him, in defiance of the constitution, he would face 25 years and or an (uncollectable against the poor!) $250,000 fine.

Rod Coronado is one of the great heroes of the environmental movement, and we must all stand in solidarity with him and with all other persons arrested in the infamous FBI Green Sweep.

The FBI calls the Green Scare "Operation Backfire." Well, it is well named as this may well backfire by convincing activists that the only safe course is to never be seen in protest, never even write a letter. Instead it may be safest to organize only with lifelong friends and do only direct action, pretending in public to be enemies of Earth and supporters of the regime.

I met rod last year, and he is 24.Feb.2006 12:33


a simple, honest, humble, gentle person. I'm tired of the media/government demonizing these people who have nothing but care and concern for others (all others, including the nonhuman ones). To put him on the level of so-called "terrorists" whose aim is to destroy life (by, for example, running planes into populated buildings) is beyond ridiculous.

SD PD and FBI JTTF MOU 25.Feb.2006 21:48


Here's the City of San Diego Memorandum of understanding with the FBI that was investigated by a professor at Maxwell School of Citzenship and Public Affairs.
Memorandum of understanding with the FBI
Memorandum of understanding with the FBI