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Alex S. Gabor checks in with his old hometown Portland and reports on the latest goings on with the Federal Reserve, the national debt, and his humorous account of his dealings with Soros and the Bush Administration. This international syndicated column is timely for all readers.
Soros Sitting
Soros Sitting
Lately I have been publishing articles randomly around the world about my favorite distant relative, my self-adopted uncle George Soros. Anyone who can write and publish should adopt a billionaire and leave no billionaire behind.

I've been following Soros around the planet via the publishing media and the internet on the investment side of the universe for over 13 years. I've also been tracking his political moves for the past five years.

I'm not trying to outguess the man; I'm working up to a personal interview with him for my current pet project, a feature length documentary titled "Soros and Me!" A companion project is a short rambling on the subject of "The Reflexive Delusions of Unrestricted Infinite Wealth and their Impacts on Global Mental Health".

In this day and age, "might, not right", makes a good topic on the subject of enforced mass consciousness under the heading of the "war on terror", now being changed to "The Long War", which daily captures most of the global headlines.

The under towed Peace Movement, which is supported by Soros if not financially at least in heart and soul, is alive and growing across the world, particularly most recently during Martin Luther King's birthday and after Coretta Scott King's death. Her passing marked the end of an era and the birth of a new one.

It may not be long before American made products are boycotted by most of the entire Muslim world and all of Asia in support of the global peace movement which cannot be controlled by force.

When Paramount Pictures agreed to buy DreamWorks SKG, part of the transaction may have required them to sell off some, if not all of DreamWorks' film library in order to avoid conflicts with the Federal Trade Commission and Anti-Trust issues. The details yet undisclosed by insiders on both sides might impact the entire film industry and that could block the sale under current anti-trust laws. Since Pixar is being gobbled up by Disney, there appears to be a major shift occurring in the entertainment firmament.

I like to call George my distant relative because he never speaks to me, yet we are of the same bloodline. We are both Hungarian, but he has a thick accent like my parents did, and we were both born in Budapest, only a quarter century apart.

As I was most recently intensely focused on Uncle George's forays in and out of the oil markets, his travels and speeches in Singapore, his high flying antics in China and Hong Kong through Hainan Airlines, I was blindsided by the announcement that DreamWorks wants to sell its' film library to "billionaire investor George Soros' private equity group, Soros Fund Management. The group may seek syndication partners after the purchase," someone supposedly said who was briefed on the negotiations, but that is a big "may".

Soros Fund Management would have to either liquidate some of its $2.5 billion in assets to shift into a film library or leverage itself on a gamble that finished content will become better than cash in the near and long term.

More than likely, Soros, if I can predict his stealthy movements around the investment world as easily as he and I both guessed that the dollar would fall shortly after Bush got re-elected in 2004, might form his own entertainment media division, through Soros Fund Management, calling it Soros Entertainment for lack of a better trademark.

This could start knocking some sense into Rupert Murdoch who has been at the forefront of the Neocon movement for the past decade according to some bloggers who have documented the beginnings of its' history originally born from a sidewalk café in New York City.

New York-based Viacom Inc.'s Paramount said it would sell the collection of 59 movies including Saving Private Ryan for as much as $1 billion. Making blockbuster movies might just be a good business to be in, as long as you can find the right partners who don't get greedy and rip you off when you most trust them to follow through on their ends of the bargain gravy train, which actually happened to me on more than one occasion.

That is the subject of potential litigation and won't be discussed in any great detail until it is finally over. Suffice it to say that those who are dishonest lose more in the long run than those who are not, despite their short term gains.

Selling 59 movies for a billion dollars puts that in the range of about $17 million per film, so these entertainment properties must be generating a goodly bit of regular income for Soros to be even considering looking at the deal.

Although he probably isn't really directly involved in the negotiations at all, he has lawyers, and his fund managers using his name all the time. It has front page value. That is why he is probably the best subject in the world for a documentary. If you Google "Soros and Me" you'll get a good background on this topic and see what I am writing about.

So if Uncle Soros does buy into Hollywood, Soros might just have to come by my office so I can sit him down and ask him why he didn't take me up on my bet when he put his money where his mouth was in trying to defeat George Bush in 2004.

In 2004, a couple months before the election, I had advised him, through his personal assistant and international spokesperson Michael Vachon, who thinks writing a column focused on Soros is absurd, that if he was really serious about putting up his entire fortune if someone would guarantee Bush's defeat, I would volunteer for the position. In fact, I guaranteed it and lost.

Now I owe Soros $8.8 billion, and the rest of the world thinks I'm crazy, because I don't have a penny to my name. What is a good humorous documentary worth anyway these days?

A funny thing happened on the way to becoming the world's first trillionaire and losing the mock bet against Soros: my private stock was worthless according to some people who made sure it became so, and had George lost the bet and Bush won the election, Soros would still have become a trillionaire alongside me.

Of course this is delusional thinking according to some, but then again, so is the idea of infinite money if you study the subject as closely as I have for the past 30 years. The national debt grows daily by more than $2 billion and Congress is now being pressed by Treasury Secretary Snow to increase the Federal Debt Ceiling beyond the current $8.18 trillion to accommodate continued deficit spending by the Administration.

What happens if Congress doesn't vote to increase Bush's credit card limit in opposition to his failed and botched war machine in the Middle East?

He's going to be completely maxed out by March which is only days away. Is that when Wall Street takes its dive to a Dow of 8,000? Is Soros Fund Management paying close attention to this little publicized issue? Will the dollar plummet, rates soar, and oil prices rise with them if the credit limit isn't increased? Can the Sons of Soros become the worlds first trillion-heirs?

Looking back on the period between March of 2004 and April of 2005, I can laugh it off and see the errors of my writing ways, but not before I was arrested for "threatening to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank Building in Portland", based on rumors, innuendos, and lies perpetuated by those who sought to declare me insane and have me put away for a decade.

So much for an open society monitored and managed under the Patriot Act where any lie or rumor that appears to have even the slightest hint of potential reality must be investigated by the FBI and a dozen other government agencies.

Perhaps when Uncle George and I finally meet we can talk about putting some money and publicity behind the Recall Arnold campaign to which I have so fortunately been given fairly close access and which may well become the topic of national and international interest if this distraction in Iraq dies down.

An open publicly stated endorsement on the subject by him might just send shivers into the California real estate market, which Soros predicted would be pummeled by early 2007 if the Fed keeps raising interest rates.

So why read a business, political and lifestyle column about George Soros written by his distant Hungarian relative who has been working to get an exclusive interview with him for over 13 years?

Because at 75, Soros is still a mover and shaker of this universe and he might just be cobbling together a piece of Hollywood to set up his next mouthpiece for the 2008 elections.

You never know, stranger things have happened in America than foreigners getting elected Gubernator after a democratic recall, and then getting terminated prior to an election, barring Schwarzenegger from another term. True Lies?

It all reminds me of the film script I am working on with several other writers who are collaborating with me called "Idiots and Morons", a political satire about an idiot who manages to get elected President, gets impeached for making major blunders on intelligence and then gets replaced by a moron.

That's politics for a New America. Business as usual.

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