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seize the time
ok you men in the deepest labyrinths of the pentagon. look one more time into the faces of those of you who engineered 911. you know what their plans really are for the future- the start of a nuclear conflagration that will probably incinerate half the human race. yes, it's straight out of some science fiction movie, but as you well know, it's as true as sunshine. iran is only the beginning of the end. these born-again madmen created the unparalleled horror of 911 in the name of arabs. they have committed evil upon evil upon evil. those of you who continue to collaborate in this ungodly quest shall reap your karma, whether in this life or the next. the god that was invoked at the inauguration of george washington is not the god of dick cheney and donald rumsfeld. you are engaged in the destruction of our beloved nation. 911 was a knife in lady liberty's heart and she's bleeding to death. the coming constitutional crisis over 911 will dwarf any crisis this nation has endured. a second civil war is more than possible as the truth of what really occurred that awful morning continues to radiate. mainstream media is beginning to take notice. ytou all took sworn oaths to protect our republic and it's constitution. was it a joke? was it just like the pledge of allegiance in grade school or did you feel a twinge of true patriotic emotion and duty as you raised your right hand and swore to god. that's to g-o-d, not dick cheney. seven days in may was too close to home, now it's here. you think it's better to let sleeping dogs lie? that revealing the truth will only destabilize the world even more? wrooooong! let them continue to lead this nation and see what happens! more superdomes and more 911's are on the menu and you know it. the next time you're in church, look around at those officers you know were instrumental in 911. look into their eyes. what are they doing in church? what are y o u doing in church? the pentagon has really done satan's work this time around. are you one of his evil elves? is that egg salad on your hat and that brass on your chest just a bloody joke? are all those crosses in flanders and arlington and calais just a joke too? semper fi my ass! be a real patriot and stop these bastards before they kill us all.
think deeper 24.Feb.2006 22:37


"Terror Broker" Timeline October 2005 -March 2006