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IR 1920 Revolution Brigades show complete ID card of US soldier they say they just killed

So apparently this is indeed a brand new event, not reported by the medias yet.
IR 1920 Revolution Brigades have just released a video showing the full US Army ID card of a US soldier they say they just killed.

The name of the US soldier is Watson Christopher Allen.

Here is the link to the video released just hours ago:


I got the Info from a friend from muslimnet, who told me the 1920's have just announced the killing.

Till now it is not clear if the US soldier was in the 1920 Revolution Brigades custody before being killed, or if he was killed in battle.
I myself have done a little investigating, and I found out that the US soldier isn t listed by the US military nor by any casualty counting website like for example icasualties.org or CNN Special as missing or killed. So apparently this is indeed a brand new event, not reported by the medias yet.


"KHALDIYAH, Iraq As a patrol of Iraqi soldiers snakes down the dirt and gravel streets, the line of bearded and mustached faces is interrupted by a clean-shaven foreigner, monitoring the troops, then peering down narrow alleys.
Staff Sgt. Christopher Watson is among three U.S. advisers with the Iraqi patrol. He marches alongside the Iraqis, sometimes watching the soldiers interact with residents and other times urging the Iraqi commander to be more aggressive."

I Guess They Did Get More Aggressive 23.Feb.2006 07:56


Well ....he wanted them to be more aggressive...he got his wish.

Shit happens... 23.Feb.2006 21:35


People who murder people tend to end up getting murdered themselves. He should have thought twice before going to Iraq.