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once again, a late notice

general mayday meeting!!!
Greetings once again, a meeting will be held at FreeGeek tomorrow for May Day, this is where we (the workers) will discuse how and what should be done, HOW will we share words with fellow workers, collectives, unions, and co-ops if no one shows up? You a member of your people are getting your rights as a worker taken away by corperations that love your pocket book more then your labor. This May Day, you should get out and SHARE your thoughts, tell your stories and Fight back with unity.

The time: show up around 6:30
The place: 1731 SE 10th ave

Permit? 23.Feb.2006 01:37

want to help out, but...

I might be interested in working on this, but I am curious if folks have decided to seek a permit, or not, or if this is still up for debate. I feel pretty strongly that May Day should not be permitted--as it was from 2000-2003.

And you might want to say when "tomorrow" is, in case people read this tomorrow vs. today. I assume the meeting is on Friday, but it's not totally clear.

tomorrow is today 23.Feb.2006 10:39


yes, sorry for that, today is 2006.02.23 and that is what tomorrow would have been yesterday.

Can you answer the questions? 23.Feb.2006 15:07


Is the meeting today (Thursday) or tomorrow?

And what about the permit thing?