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ashcroft Coming To Vancouver WA

Major international terrorist, john ashcroft, is coming to Vancouver USA.
According to a poster at WSU-V, john ashcroft will be in Vancouver April 12 7:30pm, at Skyview High School, as part of a WSU-V lecture series. Skyview HS is on 134th, directly exited from & west of I-5. See you there!

Haven't seen this creep on a local campus since he defecated, oops, dedicated Lewis & Clark's Law School.

(Note: this info is current as of now, but obviously could change.)
Dress up as cats or, if you're a woman, go topless. 22.Feb.2006 15:28

The Enemy

Ashcroft is afraid of cats and boobs.

Endoctriating our youth 22.Feb.2006 18:35


Another Bush foot soldier endoctrinating our youth into the new order.
I wonder if he'll sing a song, too.

Sieg heil!

If I were only a parent of a child in THAT school.
I'd surely be in handcuffs, and taken away with a smile on my face.
There would be NO peaceful protest of HIS visit.

ashcroft at lewis & clark? 22.Feb.2006 19:56

must have missed it

are you talking about justice scalia dedicating a building at lewis & clark? i don't think ashcroft has ever dedicated anything there.

You're Right 23.Feb.2006 07:28

Den Mark, Vancouver

You're right. L&C indeed had scalia. I was so cold that day that my brian froze. Anyway, one turd seems like another turd. ashcroft was at the Justice Center protest. I remember that well because his limo came within a few feet of me, & i was able to show him my best hand signals.

Afraid of cats? 23.Feb.2006 14:43

Van Der Who?

What's all this about Ashcroft being afraid of cats? Regular cats or cats that act more like dogs, or Ninten-cats?

catz 23.Feb.2006 23:06

pink panther

yup, felinophobia. I think we should all dress as cats and go greet him.

Also booba phobia 24.Feb.2006 08:55


Dress as cats, but with boobs showing, will really puke him.