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Dear Chief Skelton, and Sandy City Commission

Open letter to City of Sandy, Chief of Police:
Open letter to City of Sandy, Chief of Police:

Dear City Commission, Mayor, and Police Chief,
Your time to avoid compounding a really, really bad mistake is rapidly diminishing. It was a very large mistake to hire Officer Bergin in the first place. All of the signs of a trigger happy cop wannabe were blatantly present before you hired him. There was more than ample opportunity to observe his tendencies during his explorer days, and while he was being "trained" to become a police officer. His trial service period is about to end, after which time he will have many more civil service and union protections for you to deal with in order to do what we all know that you will have to do some day, terminate his hot headed ass.

I am loathe to feel sympathy for any officer who shoots an unarmed citizen, but I do feel a little sympathy toward Deputy Willard, who felt forced to kill Fouad Kaady, after Officer Bergin felt the psychotic urge to completely discharge his taser into the bleeding and burned back of a naked, injured, and in Bergin's own words "catatonic" man, who was in shock, and needed medical attention. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING on God's earth could justify that action, which then accelerated a situation which was at the time completely under control, except for the cops with guns and too much adrenalin.

You cannot rectify this situation, as the victim is irrevocably dead. You might, however, avoid similar circumstances in the future, if you take the correct action at this time, and take his guns away from him and send him on his way. Failing this, may the Goddess help you. You deserve what you retain. When the law suits come flying in, and they will, remember this message. When citizens refuse to respect and pay for more officers, remember this message. Most of all, remember that by failing to act, you are tacitly approving the murder of an innocent young man.
More details please? 22.Feb.2006 22:29


Juan - thanks for the post.

You wrote:
"All of the signs of a trigger happy cop wannabe were blatantly present before you hired him. There was more than ample opportunity to observe his tendencies during his explorer days, and while he was being "trained" to become a police officer."

Would it be possible to elaborate? I think a lot of us would like more information about this if possible.


Opportunity to observe 23.Feb.2006 09:25


What I indicated was that the City of Sandy, after three or four years with young wannabe Bergin in the police cadet program (explorers), and a couple of months on the reserves, before he went for a few months of actual cop employment at the coast, should have been ample opportunity to spot his aggressive tendencies, which I can only surmise from the fact that he chose, CHOSE! to taser a badly injured, naked and unarmed man, who had been so badly burned that the skin was sloughing off of his body, and he was bleeding, and offering no resistance whatsoever (That is what "catatonic" means).
Had he not CHOSEN to accellerate the incident (take it to a higher level of aggression) by tasering (torturing, in a very REAL sense), then perhaps the situation would have remained as it was, with the victim, in shock and catatonic, while the other officers, firemen, and paramedics, all within one quarter to one half mile from their position, responded, commenced first aid, and maybe save a life, instead of taking it.
I have worked with police cadets, I have worked with all sorts of wannabes, and it is very easy to spot the Jimmie Cageey's and the would be super cops, before they are hired, given a gun and a badge, and allowed to visit terror on the citizens.

Sorry 23.Feb.2006 12:13


Sorry. I understand and agree. Just thought he might have had more known history than the rest of us were aware of. Thanks again for the post.

No need to apologize 23.Feb.2006 15:18


The posting was a little vague, and for that, I apologize. The only certain knowledge that I have is from reading the report, and the young officer was armed to the teeth, even for a cop. He loves his guns, and he has been a wannabe since the ripe old age of sixteen. That makes him a little suspect in my book, but I am just a little more skeptical of cops' motives than most, since I have worked with, and known, so many. Their traits are very distinct, and many times, the young guns can be spotted and avoided by a recruitment process that has some wise leadership. But then, there is Skelton...

Guess I am just rambling here.

Not rambling at all 23.Feb.2006 18:22


Please, you're not rambling at all. Everyone should speak up on this more often, and I appreciate your comments. We can't let this rest.

Juan Segin 23.Feb.2006 19:15

Facts kinda guy

Mr. Sergin, please get the facts straight. Per the police investigation BOTH officers deployed their tazars TWICE at Mr. Kaady. Also, per a Lincoln City Police Officer friend of mine, Bergin was employed there for 2 years. I am not happy with the whole situation either, but lets keep the facts factual. Thank you for your input.