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Schumacher Furs Protest Report (I'd rather go naked than wear fur), February 18

"It's really cold - brrrrr
But it's better than fur... "
Cats in China used for fur
Cats in China used for fur
Dogs in China used for fur
Dogs in China used for fur
While about twenty protesters stood out in the cold holding signs and passing out literature in front of Schumacher Furs last Saturday, another half dozen protesters stripped down to g-strings and shoes, some with strategically placed anti-fur stickers, others with anti-fur slogans written on their bare skin with black ink.

Meanwhile a crowd gathered across the street, fascinated by our protest, and more than usual amounts of educational literature were distributed. Why would people take off their clothes downtown in 37 degree weather? To drive home the point that we'd rather wear nothing than wear the product of intense animal abuse and suffering.

How cold were we? As cold as the heart of the fur trade in which not one single law protects the animals from horrendous abuse. It is documented that some animals are literally skinned alive for their fur. Dogs and cats are used for their fur in China, often kept in battery cages until they're clubbed and stomped on - then their fur is ripped off, mislabeled (no one wants to wear Fido or Fluffy), and shipped to other countries. When it comes to fur, no one can really know what kind of fur they're actually wearing unless they pay for an expensive DNA test. For this reason the fur industry can deliberately mislabel fur with little likelihood of prosecution (of course all animals are important to us, but some are surprised to learn this about domestic animals). See  http://www.furisdead.com for info and videos about how animals are used in the fur industry.

The nearly bare protesters braved the cold for an hour and a half, chanting slogans and doing street theater in front of Schumacher, then they took their signs and ventured down to Pioneer Courthouse Square to spread the word about Schumacher and the fur industry. Meanwhile the only activity in and out of Schumacher was the pathetic sight of a single security guard frantically running around with his camera as if he'd never seen naked people before.

Several police cars slowed down as they passed, then drove off without stopping. Like the boy who cried wolf, Schumacher may have called the police one too many times to be taken seriously even by them anymore.

Thanks to all who froze in the cold for the animals. The animals deserve our energy, our passion, our creativity, and our bravery in their defense. Passers-by were attracted to a lively protest, and we were able to entertain and educate the public, while shaming the fur hags and vendors.

Come join us in front of Schumacher Furs (SW 9th and Morrison) this and every Saturday starting around 12:30ish and going until 4:00 or later. Signs, leaflets, vegan treats provided. If you can't make it on Saturday, there are 6 other days just begging for Schumacher attention. Help us speak up for the animals!

P.S. Don't forget to attend the educational meeting on Sunday February 26th at Free Geek (1731 SE 10th Ave.) from 4:30 to 6:30 pm organized by In Defense of Animals. The topics will include Legal Observing, Jail Support, and Knowing Your Rights as an activist. Presenters will include Dan from Copwatch, an unnamed attorney, and Patrick from Lewis and Clark law school.

Cool 22.Feb.2006 13:31

animal lover

you guys are really cool! And tough, too. Thanks for your committment.

Naked 22.Feb.2006 14:44

One Naked Boy jsm_link_jsm@yahoo.com

From the protest in a thong to naked mini bike winter bike it was rather fun. I hope to get naked to drive fur out of portland. Did anyone get the photos of someone beating me and stripping the faux fur off of my back? That was the greatest. If next weekend isnt as cold I hope to go back down there naked.

You are fantastic 22.Feb.2006 14:58


A true testiment to the cause.Thank you.
Just curious will there be a repeat performance this week?

GO NAKED NEXT SATURDAY! 22.Feb.2006 20:03


Not a real fan of freezing my ass off, I did strip down to my boxers. It was freezing but definitely worth it. I mean, first of all, people didn't call us stupid hippies and get mad at us for yelling, instead, people thought it was funny, and a select few kind of looked at us for a little too long (creepy). I think it also scared away a lot of customers, and got a lot of attention, and it was extremely fun. Nick, one of the wannabe security guards, found that he could not keep a straight face with half a dozen people shouting that they love him and doing the can can for him. These protests are quite interesting and I suggest you all at least stop by.

This saturday, I suggest we all do the same thing again, if not, I'll just be all alone, almost naked, with "wear your own fur" marked on my body. Invite your friends too!

Excellent! 22.Feb.2006 21:19


I always miss out on the fun. By the way, nice chalking. It was still visable on Sun, Mon, and a little on Tues. See you on Saturday-with or without clothing.
Love and liberation!

Bless you brave souls 22.Feb.2006 22:10

Billy Goat

I was there for the duration of the protest last Saturday but
not naked (I'm a wimp, the darn cold). Maybe next Saturday.
I heard it will be a high of 50 Saturday, a heat wave compared
to last Saturday. I was thinking that body paint could be
really cool for future protests. Any suggestions as to where
to get it? To those who got naked, thank you for the added
attention you brought to the issue!

try this 22.Feb.2006 23:07


i've been involved in many protests, and i sometimes wonder how the attitude of spectators around me would change if everybody was serious. i mean the fur business is seriously **cked up and really isn't a laughing matter. can you imagine how people would react if 20 people were half naked, and dead serious about it?
sometimes i think having fun can be inappropriate in these situations.
either way, thanks for being out there...i'm half way across the country and am glad to see people elsewhere doing stuff.

Rad 23.Feb.2006 00:08


I'm sorry I missed last Saturday, I didn't feel well at all.
I'm more than willing to strip down this Saturday. I'll try and find anti-fur Stickers to "strategically place".
I hope I won't be the only one. And I hope it isn't too cold.

I personally think that many protests work better 23.Feb.2006 00:08


when protesters have a sense of humor. We're more approachable, less threatening. No, fur is no laughing matter, but we have to draw people in to get them to see the message. Also, we couldn't get the numbers to these protests that we do, if we didn't make it somewhat interesting for the people who show up. Few people are like me - willing to slog it out in misery for the cause.

Body Paint 23.Feb.2006 04:43


DIY Body Paint

Face and Body Paint

2 tablespoons solid vegie shortening
1 tablespoon cornstarch
4 to 5 drops food coloring
Small makeup sponges or any kind of sponge
Small mixing bowl
Mixing spoon

1. Blend shortening and cornstarch together in a small mixing bowl until smooth.

2. Add 4 to 6 drops food coloring. Mix until the color is evenly blended.

3. Apply face and body paint to arms, legs and face using a small makeup sponge (figure B).

4. Remove paint with soap and water.
This stuff is a little more like greasepaint. Something to consider if you are putting it on hair or want to remove it quickly.

no figure b 23.Feb.2006 06:58


There is no "figure b" above, use your imagination.

Things that were effective 23.Feb.2006 12:24


Um... there were a lot of things that were needed last protest that we could have this protest. I'll bring my tv hopefully and the dvd player, but i need a dvd to play. Also, the stickers, need lots of stickers, last time the poor soldiers had to tape them to their chests. We also need chalk if that's accessible. Um body paint is a great idea, because it took me forever to scrub out the sharpie. We also need a lot more willing people to strip down. Come on, I don't wanna be the only one! And the gross underwear was fun.

DVD, TV and power 23.Feb.2006 15:38

Matt matt@idausa.org

I will bring a table, the TV/DVD player, a fur PSA in DVD format and the power source. call me if anyone has questions. Thanks!

503 249 9996

Protest supply potluck 23.Feb.2006 16:12


I will bring electrical tape (for suppossed naughty bits) and a batch of red body paint (just like Mom used to make).

Har 23.Feb.2006 16:29


Ill be there very naked again. Umm WendyB Ive got your kid an interview here in the near few weeks. Tell him to have patience. Work doesnt come easy. I hope to see you all there this saturday.

Stickahs! 23.Feb.2006 23:08


I'll bring all my fur-related stickers (most of them are from PETA) for people to put on themselves.
I'm stoked, guys, I've always wanted to do a nekked/partially nekked protest!

So umm.. 24.Feb.2006 11:50


Matt... should I not bring the tv, because it would be easier. And we still need someone to bring chalk, if I had money... but ya... unfortantely I used up all my childhood chalk in past protests. Also, if any of you out there could bring anything creative that would be awesome. The more creative we get the more miserable they get. They always try to out do us, and want us to resort to just giving up, but last time, it seemed like they were extremely mad that we were naked, because it was attracting a lot of attention, and no one was going inside schumachers. As much as I hate the corporate media, and believe me I HATE THE CORPORATE MEDIA, could someone contact koin or kgw or something. I'd stay away from KATU or the Oregonian, we can tell from the past that they arent that nice.

Paint 24.Feb.2006 12:14

Billy Goat

Hey WendyB, thanks for the body paint recipe. I'll make some up
tonight and bring enough to share tomorrow, at least five or six
colors if all goes well. It's a simple recipe, what could go wrong.

Suggestions on where to get chalk?


DIY sidewalk chalk 24.Feb.2006 13:51


I do not have the time or supplies to make chalk before tomorrow, but if you do, it would be nice. Unless a small mold is used, it probably won't be dry in time, but you never know...

Materials Needed:

* 1 Cup Plaster of Paris
* 1 Cup Water
* Powdered Tempera Paint

Find a mold. You can use small paper cups, toilet tissue rolls, candy molds, and those cool water bottle ice cube trays, etc.

Mix the Plaster of Paris and the water together. For colored chalk, add powdered tempera paint to make the color you want. Let stand for a few minutes and then pour into mold.

Set side and let dry completely. This can take anywhere from several hours to a few days depending on the size of the mold you choose. Once dry, remove the chalk from the mold. If it is still moist, let air dry for another 24 hours.

My pup wants to come, maybe he'll have friends 24.Feb.2006 13:58


Although my dog is definately not vegan, i'm sure he still doesn't agree with his furry friends being turned into coats for snooty rich folks. Maybe we could have a bark in or something one of these weekends and bring all of our furry companions. How could anyone possibly want to buy a fur coat with all sorys of sweet little eyes staring them down the whole time?

Chalk 24.Feb.2006 14:06


I've got 4 boxes of 'jumbo' chalk from Toys 'R Us ($0.99/box).

I also got some stuffed dogs from Goodwill (and have some fake blood).

Chalk 24.Feb.2006 21:40


My daughter gave me her stash of sidewalk chalk (about 25 pieces unused). I'll bring it tomorrow.

Want pictures! 25.Feb.2006 14:32


You guys got naked in front of Schumacher's--and you didn't take pictures!? :)

If you have more protests like this & post the pictures on the web, you'll have the most hits in Indymedia history!

:) Keep up the good work,


put the fur between yer legs 25.Feb.2006 17:52


Nice recipes! Y'all should document the event. Make a 'no dead animals fer fur' calendar or something. Yeh, where are the naked pictures?! It would be cool to wear funky masks & bring yer furry other animal/ppl friendly pals. Chalk a little hopscotch too, fer some minimal passerby participation. Good luck, explorers!

If there wasn't pics from last week, there has to be some from this week! 26.Feb.2006 07:49


We went clothing optional again Sat. Feb. 25th. There were naked people and lots of pics were being taken. Funny thing that I noticed, if you want to know where all the cops are hiding, just take off your clothes. They come out of nooks and crannies like crazy to see skin.
Such a fun, dedicated, and brave group of people, with or without clothing.

Clipboarding 26.Feb.2006 20:32

Bill Abendroth billaben@teleport.com

One of the things you might consider is having a few people with clipboards, to collect names and numbers of people not interested in getting naked but who would be interested in coughing up a few bucks to cover (no pun intended) the cost of stickers.

As for whether protests are better when "dignified" or with a "sense of humour," I would suggest that depends entirely on the point of the protest & who's doing the protesting. Mr. Murrow and company are perfectly suited to go the "humour" route, and it appears to be working fine. In the immortal words of that great Argentine guerilla leader Che Guervera: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" (the quote sounds better in spanish).

A quick digression on viable past street protests. Several years ago, the Diem family formed a dictatorial clique running South Vietnam during the salad days of the Vietnam war. The Diems were Catholics, so the Buddhists (among others) took lots of governemental hits. In response, monks would set up periodic "demonstrations," where novices would set up speakers (or just use a bullhorn), pour gasoline over the monk, and then light him on fire. The monk would remain seated in a meditative state (not cry or yell), while a novice would shout "A buddhist monk--Martyr for his faith" over and over again on the microphone. This solidified opposition to the Diem regime, and led to a series of giant demonstrations and street protests (it didn't help matters much when president Diem's sister in law, Madame Nhu, broadcast on television that "the only thing the Buddhists have done for this country is barbeque a few monks"). The Buddhist protests resulted in the US giving General Duong Van Minh the green light for a coup, and 1963 President Diem was murdered before he could escape the country.

At the time of President Diem's assassination, Madame Nhu was in the US. On learning of the coup, she declared "whoever has the Americans as allies does not need enemies." Madame Nhu also predicted a dark future for the South Vietnamese people--an apt prediction, but not exactly a feat worthy of The Amazing Kreskin.

But we digress...........

Its not as cold as it looks 26.Feb.2006 21:46

Naked girl fifithewonderdog@yahoo.com

It really isnt all that cold when you jump up and down. I personally had a grea t time, But we need to bring those fuzzy booty-things, and furry paws just to top it off. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE. And girls, step up to the plate, if anyone creepy looks at you just scratch your butt or pick your nose or something, not in that order. But anyhoo, we need more nudie peeps. It really gets us noticed and out there. Kudos to everyone who bore the cold with me you all rock my...... whatever I was wearing.
Its cold burrrrr but its better than fur

Oregon's link to cat and dog fur trade? 31.Mar.2006 13:51

Winnie Pantherpdx@aol.com

In August 1999, immediately after someone asked the gang at Multnomah County Animal Control what business they were in, someone pushed a bill through the Oregon legislature without debate. ORS 167.390 (1) creates an exception to trading in cat in dog fur if the animal was killed for another purpose. To what might this reasonably apply if not to euthanized shelter animals?

We are gung-go Pacific Rim trading. Business no matter how sleazy? WAKE UP Oregonians>

OMG! 24.Oct.2007 09:37


I'm so happy that people are stopping these idiots from killing helpless animals...when I look at these pictures I want to kill the people doing these things inside it...I watched a movie of a dog getting beaten & i say "oh my god, I am gonna cry" Cause its so fricking sad!!! I hope that people stop these murderers from killing all these helpless creatures! Thank you very much!