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Portland Pillow Fight

Another fun random event for you to partake in.
The first Portland Pillow Fight Club takes place on Friday, March 3rd at 7pm in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The rules are:

  • All pillows concealed until 7pm
  • Only hit other people carrying pillows
  • No hard things in pillows

This event is for real and will happen. There are already 350 people on the myspace page and it grew by over 100 people just yesterday... and the event is still 1.5 weeks away. Join us for the biggest pillow fight in Portland, ever! (Until the next one!)

Here's video of the San Francisco Valentine's Day Pillow Fight Club. Here's a wikipedia article about pillow fight clubs. Here's the myspace page about it..

Come and have fun and giggle until you stop!


homepage: homepage: http://www.myspace.com/pillowfightpdx

Pillows Not Bombs 22.Feb.2006 12:29


This is how wars should be fought!

HELLS YES 22.Feb.2006 12:35


I'll be there and I will bring as many friends as I can. Not to be a downer, but now that its here on indy, the cops will be all over this. I suggest everyone prints up a "Concealed Pillow Permit" to make everything run smoothly.

Sock it to 'em 22.Feb.2006 21:24

Nappy Time

Do you think Erice Sten or Randy Lenord have pillows. Maybe their attendace would help keep the spoil sports at bay.

What about... 23.Feb.2006 20:04


...dirty pillows?

yay 04.Mar.2006 13:41


The pillow fight last night was so fun! Kudos to whomever has been promoting this, and also to those who cleaned up all the feathers.

Here's some video of it 16.Aug.2006 17:43


Wow! Looked insane! http://www.medicinefilms.com/digs/186767/