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0222 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
1. So the Oregon Supreme Court in its questionable wisdom has validated the greed and short-sightedness of most Oregonians. Let the sprawl begin! In ten years you won't know the place. In fifteen, you won't want to...
2. Kroger, the parent company of Fred Meyer and other commercial travesties, is going to discontinue the practice of packaging meat with carbon monoxide (picture the truck backing up to the processing plant, the driver puts it in neutral, guns the motor and blasts the hamburger with noxious cloud of 'meat preservative'; Mmmmm: Beef! It's what's for dinner). The carbon monoxide makes the meat look fresher longer - weeks longer.
3. Multnomah County's poor kids got screwed by the Health Dept. yet again. They have to have their immunizations all over again because the vaccines used on them had been stored at temperatures that were either too high or too low. (Hmm, and what has the Health Dept got planned to counter possible reactions to Drugs Gone Bad? A great big snort of carbon monoxide, perhaps?)
4. KBOO's Michael Papadopoulous reports on the Corvallis City Council resolution to bring the troops home (Since we won't be needing them for the air assault on Iran... ..?)
5. California has postponed indefinitely the execution of convicted, (and admitted!) rapist/torturer/murderer Michael Morales. The anesthesiologists got cold feet and the judge decided that even with high-caliber barbiturates, the ritualized murder of convicts is cruel and unusual. (Alas, no such twinge of conscience disturbed the judicial system when it gleefully killed off Nobel Prize nominee Stanley Tookie Williams.)
6. Three Muslim men in Ohio have been charged with plotting terrorist attacks against US and British occupation forces in Iraq and other countries. (As Bush and Rumsfeld feel obliged to remind us, this is going to be a Long War... )
7. Defense lawyers for al-Qaeda member Zacarias Moussaooui said they want to compel a reluctant Pennsylvania Congressman to testify at Moussaoui's death penalty trial. Republican Curt Weldon has claimed the government knew more about 9/11 - more and sooner. Weldon said he didn't want to be associated with a "thug like Moussaoui" (What, he'd rather be associated with the homegrown thugs that facilitated the demolition of the Towers?)
8. Bush says that even though Republicans and Democrats think handing over the operation of major US ports to a company based in Dubai, and even though funds that were instrumental in the 9/11 fiasco, he still will veto any legislation opposing the move. The deal was put together a while ago by a secret panel set up to do, well... secret things.
9. Rumsfeld says the Pentagon is still engaged in the payola scam involving bogus stories placed in foreign newspapers (not to mention the ones that show up consistently in domestic papers) by guys in suits and sunglasses carrying flight bags stuffed with cash.
10. Human Rights First says that since 2002, almost 100 prisoners have died in US prisons in Afghanistan and Iraq.
11. FSRN: (we did this story yesterday. Sorry) First, Bush comes out with the stunner that he wants to reduce America's addiction to foreign oil (Meaning, I presume, that domestic oil is okay). So the Admin had to scramble to put together $5 million dollars to restore jobs Bush cut at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado. Bush was visiting the lab as part of his interminable traveling dog and pony show. (No disrespect to dogs or ponies)
12. Taser International saw fourth quarter profits fall due to the huge stack of lawsuits piling up at their lawyers' office.
13. Yesterday, the Supreme Court said it would consider reinstating a federal ban on partial birth abortions. Sam Alito, this is your moment to shine - but I fear you may be dimmer than you managed to sound during the hearings...
14. The foreman of Sago Mines has been indicted on federal charges that he falsified inspection reports and was never certified as a miner or a mining foreman. (I expect the Bush Admin will fine the guy $23 dollars and have Harriet Meiers spank him... )
15. In Munich, prosecutors have started an investigation to determine if Germany secretly helped the CIA in the abduction of Khaled al-Masri, wrongfully accused of terrorism.
16. Rabid pit bull and US ambassador to the UN, and all-round shitbird, John Bolton wants the UN to hold meetings to discuss corruption and sexual high jinks at the United Nations. (As contrasted with what went on inside Abu Ghraieb... that was just soldiers following orders... )
17. Acting Israeli PM Ehud Olmert said that government officials were "looking into" the sale of his Jerusalem house to a US businessman. (Location, location, location!)
18. Meanwhile, Israeli defense forces continued to thrash about in Palestinian territory looking for bombs and children to bulldoze.
19. Now that Israel and America have cut off funds that rightfully belong to Palestine, that beleaguered nation has turned to other sources. Iran, to name just one. This what happens when you have a government like the current Administration assuming that the rest of the world players are as oblivious and uninformed as it is.
20. 'Call Me Ismail': Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyah has refused to respond to Mahmoud Abbas's demand that Hamas adhere to interim peace deals with Israel. Thing about the Israelis is that they have adopted the American Plan: killing other people is okay/ other people fighting back is not okay).
21. Former Bosnian Serbian war criminal is just about captured. Ratko Mladic is moreorless trapped under a net of confusing Balkan jurisdiction. (Still, you have to love a war criminal named ';Ratko' Parents, be careful what you name your kids. You could damage them for life... )
22. In Nigeria, it does not look like those nine hostages are going anywhere any time soon.
23. And in Iraq the dome of the al-Askari shrine in Samara was destroyed. The shrine is sacred to Shiites and predictably, reprisal attacks are already lighting up the sky all across Iraq (sometimes I wonder just what role US forces might play in some of these events. The last thing the US needs is for Iraq to settle down before the attack on Iran is set up... )

shrike 02/22/06