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9.11 investigation

9/11 Gatekeeping - a classic textbook example

How misdirection, disinformation, limited hangouts and red herrings are used, COINTELPRO-style, to contain and control an emerging mass movement.
The following is an example of how disinformation is used to muddy the
waters, mislead honest people and keep the 9/11 truth movement
spinning its wheels in the mud and going nowhere. Observe how it's

This little red-herring is extracted from the most recent announcement
by The 911truth.org Steering Committee under the heading"

"Become Part of Citizens Counter-Coup, The Formula For Change Now
<A HREF=" link to 3c.911truth.org
The Action Plan
We need to urge our elected officials to take political action on the
deception of 9/11. The process begins with informing them that we, as
their constituents, desire truth, accountability and justice for the
real crimes of 9/11. Additionally, they must know that we will
support their actions if they heed our call, or withhold our support
if they don't. Since nearly 250 Congressmen have signed a petition to
allow a hearing on Able Danger, it's safe to assume that there is a
growing awareness on the issues of 9/11 and willingness to act.

The dead giveaway is in the last line:

"Since nearly 250 Congressmen have signed a petition to allow a
hearing on Able Danger, it's safe to assume that there is a growing
awareness on the issues of 9/11 and willingness to act"

Now think about that last statement for a minute....

"Able Danger" is another false-flag red-herring, originally promoted
by corrupt, lying Congressman Curt Weldon (R-Pa.).

Weldon has long been an obedient flunky of the bloated weapons
industry, the most conspicuoulsy evil sector of the
military-industrial complex.

Weldon's true controllers are, in all probability, the precise
individuals who engineered the 9/11 hoax; and have gone on to profit
from the 9/11 aftermath, beyond their wildest dreams.

"Able Danger" is classic Pentagon/CIA disinformation.
It is premised on the Big Fat Lie, that real "Muslim hijackers" were
responsible for 9/11.

"We were watching those hijackers .. but somehow we just failed to
stop them in time.."
"Because the CIA and FBI don't talk to each other enough."

All "Able Danger" does is prop up the sick lie that "9/11 could have
been prevented"... if only they hadn't "failed".

Get it ?
It's all just a big mistake !
Our nations's multi-billion dollar police-state military
intelligence/CIA/PENTAGON/NSA/FBI ... (you name it) apparatus ..
just "FAILED".

"Able Danger" is the classic example of a deliberately contrived
red-herring; deployed into the controlled corporate state-licensed
media so talking-heads can tut-tut and tsk-tsk and fret and wring
their hands over OUR TERRIBLE FAILURE to "stop the hijackers of 9/11."

In reality, the gutless cowards and blackmailed pimps that occupy most
of the seats in the Senate and House would love to spend another five
years of hearings and press conferences and "partisan
finger-pointing", on the "intelligence failure" represented by "Able

Which will yield absolutely nothing, when it comes to exposing the
9/11 perps inside the government and military, arresting them,
indicting them, and bringing them to the justice they deserve.

But will probably give lying "Democrats" like Pelosi or Murtha plenty
of opportunity to grandstand as better "warriors", fit to take over
the leadership of the continuing, expanding "War on Terror"...
Which is presumed to be necessary, since "Able Danger" proves how
poorly "prepared" the nation was.
Because they would much rather spend more time and effort on
"intelligence failure" than "inside job".
Which logically suggests we need MORE WAR, MORE SURVEILLANCE, MORE

Now why in the world would the geniuses over at "911truth.org" or its
associated cliques be promoting a naked, transparent red-herring like
"Able Danger" as indicating (in their own words) "a growing awareness
on the issues of 9/11 and willingness to act", by the same
Congressional cowards who are looking for ANY DIVERSION to protect
them from the FACT of controlled demolition ?

"ABLE DANGER" is another trap; another diversion, another COINTELPRO scam.
And any group or individual who promotes it as a viable path to truth and
justice, is either a deliberate liar or a useful idiot.
Yes 22.Feb.2006 10:10


I agree, Able Danger is trying to say that 9/11 was no different than Katrina - "we knew those Arabs were plotting to crash into the towers but because of 'bureaucracy,' we weren't able to stop them!" And if you look at it you'll see that those supporting it the hardest are the Republicans, FOX News, etc.

"ABLE DANGER had the ability to target this adversary preemptively, and it is my judgment, if fully implemented, we could have negated, disrupted, detected and potentially have prevented the 9-11 attacks. In the case of ABLE DANGER, we were defeated not by Al Qaeda, but by our own bureaucracy."
 link to reprehensor.gnn.tv

So why are people like 'reprehensor,' posting to daily kos and GNN about how important Able Danger is?

What Able Danger really does is underscore the official myth: Arabs wanted to kill Americans because they hate our freedoms.

There were no suicide films. There was no worldwide message admitting to having done it. The pilots likely could never have orchestrated the maneuvers at the Pentagon. The intelligence agencies were all over them. Only Bush and the super rich have benefitted - no Arabs have benefitted from this.

There is very little evidence to show that they even knew they were going to die. For all we know, they thought they were going to hijack a jet and fly to another country. Or, they agreed to commit suicide but were patsies having doors held open for them (jets stood down for war games, etc.) and those who arranged, financed and held open the doors were the ones pulling the strings.

Able Danger only promotes a Katrina version of 9/11, more limited hangout.

After Hollywood, Reality is Strange 22.Feb.2006 14:21

Martin S. White martin@naicr.org

"There is very little evidence to show that they even knew they were going to die. For all we know, they thought they were going to hijack a jet and fly to another country. Or, they agreed to commit suicide but were patsies having doors held open for them (jets stood down for war games, etc.) and those who arranged, financed and held open the doors were the ones pulling the strings."

It is sad to see how profoundly ignorant so many middle class, television viewing people are to the fundamental reality of human nature. You have to be a really brainwashed and fact-immune person to think this way. Honestly, government operations might (and probably do) be able to drive one person to self-destructive acts such as suicide bombings and related psychological warfare events, but the team-concept is totally ludicrous, only to come true on the silver screen. Your emotional brain has been programmed unfortunately to believe these things, this is why television is so dangerous.

MIHOP is about a total fabrication, to always insist that there is one speck of truth in the prevailing popular religion of the day is to espouse the government inculcated alternative, LIHOP. I know it's hard for so many leftists to give up their romantic vision of the "heroic" team of muslim "suicide hijackers" acting with such "superhuman capability" and "defeating the bad guys of US imperialism," but there's no other option. Face the reality, it is a Hollywood fairy tale!

David Ray Griffin 22.Feb.2006 15:06


Well, when confronted with the false claim of "Able Danger", respond with "David Ray Griffin". Nuff said.

911scholars 22.Feb.2006 16:34


see also here:

Scholars for 911truth- False Hope Project?

classic indeed 22.Feb.2006 19:20


' A classic textbook example' indeed. This post is a classic textbook example of spinning a story until it's wobbly worth is distorted beyond all recognition. Able Danger is PROOF that 911 was an inside fix, and all worthwhile researchers seem to know this. The Fox is in the (hen)house, people.

wrong 24.Feb.2006 17:41


"Able Danger is PROOF that 911 was an inside fix"

No it isn't. It's proof that a handful of people,at best, caused a 'bureaucratic blockage,' just like they did with Katrina out of incompetence, and then . . . oops, some people died.

ABLE DANGER's only proof will go as far as a few people who *screwed up*, just like people screwed up during Katrina, and were fired. The quote above by the whistleblower says 'BUREAUCRACY.' There's nothing inside job about that word, and he uses it for a reason.

The most that could end up happening from Able Danger is that a few people would lose their jobs because they were so incompetent that they accidently blocked the intelligence agents from exposing that those Arab men wanted to kill Americans for our freedoms.

The 9/11 -"Incompetence" Bogus 25.Feb.2006 20:24

BS detector


The condition of a person who is unable to properly perform his or her duty.
The failure to meet defined standards of competence.

Why the Bush Administration including their puppeteers are NOT incompetent:

Competence is a standardized requirement
for an individual to properly perform a specific job.

The Bush SUCCESSFULLY performed ALL OF their most specific and important jobs,
since 2000 and they are still successfully continue, noone is succes

They properly and SUCCESSFULLY performed the following specific jobs:

-orchestrating 9/11
-planting anthrax scare
-successfully introduce PATRIOT ACT
-planting successfully lies about WMD in Iraq, with help of Douglas Feith + Co.
-invasion and occupation of Iraq
-covering up the truth about 9/11

-manipulating e-voting machines to select Bush
-replacing positions in World Bank, U.S. Supreme Cour and elsewhere..
-succesful cover-up of Dick Cheney's secretive Energy Task Force
-covering up records of George W. Bush's military service
-covering up former Attorney General John Ashcroft's violations of campaign finance laws

-helped building corruptions of military- and intelligence contractors
like Halliburton, In-Q-tel, DynCorp, SAIC etc....
-deliberately destroying seagates and levees in New Orleans
-blocking aid for Hurricane Katrina victims
-scripting distractions for the fake opposition party, the democratic party

-get away with Torture at Abu Ghraib and Camp X ray
-planning the next big false flag for United States
-approving the takeover of 22 U.S. Ports
-creating deceptive ad campaigns with actors
-covering up government's accounting practices

-building a national and worldwide sniffer database on 330.000 "suspects"
-getting more money for the war against Iraq and Afghanistan
-creating more distractive stories like "Plame Game" including the cover-up
of the investigation by the Justice Department
-covering up House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's criminal fundraising schemes in Texas

-covering up other scandals like "memogate", "Indian Gaming Scandal", Halliburton's Pumping Up Prices and other scandals, Afghanistan's Missing $700 Million, Pentagon's missing 3.3 trillion, covering up the Pentagon-Israel Spy Case, covering up wiretapping of the United Nations, covering up the Medicare Bribe Scandal, covering up the "Boeing Boondoggle", covering up Antonin Scalia's legal conflicts etc..etc...etc...

etc... etc...

The word "incompetence" is a cover and planted meme to
support leftgatekeeping and block the scientific truth about 9/11.

Phoney opposition groups like MoveOn.org had been created to script
false hope campaigns and cover-up the COMPETENCE of the Republican Party and their fascist associates within the democratic party and U.S. Congress.