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Carl, host of Cyberpunk Radio

Carl is a subversive multimedia artsit who hosts the podcasts Cyberpunk Radio, Mental-Escher and Hack VTV as well as heading the PluriMedia Group and the Microcasting Alliance.
Cyberpunk Radio
Cyberpunk Radio
Interview with Carl, host of Cyberpunk Radio, the Mental-Escher podcast and Hack VTV. We discuss the format of his shows; the influence of current events, science fiction, underground comics such as Zap Comix and music in his media; how long it takes yo assemble each show; the episodes he is the most fond of; being inspired by the movie The Corporation; Bill Moyers; hijacking media; the people who contribute to his shows; getting around copyright restrictions; Creative Commons; the podcasts he enjoys listening to; Area 51, Road Rage, Gryphon's Guide to the Galaxy, Punky, Vox Monitor, Misadventures in Taiwan, As Serious As Your Life!, All Robot Radio, Extra Super Action Show; electronic musician Hathead; the podcasting community; NPR; Australian Public Broadcasting; BBC; ITNation; his definition of cyberpunk; Neuromancer; the end of civilization or the birth of a new civilization; Terence McKenna; RFIDs; Democracy Now; the effects of broadband access on the 2004 elections; XUS Radio; ABC; KPFA, Radio Free Berkley; Rachel Maddow; Wired magazine; essays by the Microcasting Alliance; what led him to a career in science and what led him to pursue his passion in mixed media; how long it takes him to create a video cast; Kill Allen Wrench; MTV the way you'd like it to be; Max Headroom; Monty Python; what his co-workers think of his subversive activities.

Featured song is "Naked Heart" by The Sue Quigley Band.

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small WORLD podcast

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Awesome Interview With a Pirate Media Maverick 29.Mar.2006 18:21


Loved the interveiw- I have always wondered what was behind "cyberpunk radio" podcast. Interesting and provacative media hacking and pirating concepts.