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Resisting Repression- Black Panthers and Animal Defenders Unite to fight back

Last Saturday, February 11, a coalition of Boston organizations including the Boston chapter of the Jericho movement, the Boston Animal Defense League and Boston Anarchist Black Cross held a community meeting with guests from around the country. The panel of Black Panther veterans, animal liberation activists and Puerto Rican independentistas spoke about the recent attacks by government and private interests against what they perceive to be a threat from an increasingly cohesive movement for social justice and true democracy.

homepage: homepage: http://www.jerichoboston.org

highly recommended 21.Feb.2006 23:31


This is a great story and is highly recommended. Portland would be well served by intense public awareness and scrutiny of the kinds of grand jury tactics that clear killer cops of "not violating procedure."
Let justice be served.

solidarity 22.Feb.2006 00:01


consolidation is goood

Awesome 22.Feb.2006 11:34


Nice news. Grand Juries...Ugh. I hope the coalition survives as well as the Panthers did against those fascists. Interesting, that reference to "Anna" again, as well. Seems she's made a name for herself over there as well.