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How not to get a ticket at NE 7th and Knott

So a friend of mine got information from a press release that there is going to be a police action tomorrow, February the 22nd, at the intersection of NE 7th and Knott from 7:30am to 10:00am. This entails officers issuing tickets to any vehicle, including bicycles, that do not come to a FULL stop at this intersection.
Since this info came from a press release to corporate media ... I guess the PPB forgot to include IndyMedia. I think that this would be a really good time to educate drivers, the media and the PPB of the following:

1) By law cyclist do NOT have to put their foot down on the ground at stop signs, i.e. track stands. Yes, we must come to a COMPLETE stop ... which you may want to tell our friends tomorrow that commute through this intersection.

2) By law bicycles are entitled to ride in a FULL lane of traffic. Bicyclist are also entitled to ride 'two abreast' in a lane of traffic. Yes, bicycles in the state of Oregon have the legal right to take up the far most right lane of traffic if a bike lane is not present AND is not obstructed. Bicycles can take the far most left lane of traffic, if the road is a multi-lane one way road.

For anyone that is interested, the PPB puts signs up a few blocks from the intersection to warning drivers when they do massive enforcements like this. I feel that it is only right to place a cyclist at the signs to tell passing cyclist how safe it is to come to a FULL stop at all intersections. Or maybe even chalk the road.

I know it is early in the morning, but dose anyone want to stand by one of the PPB signs to help promote safety to our fellow cyclist ... while we can let the PPB focus their ticket writing resources on educating the more dangerous car drivers that run stop signs ... since I cannot recall the last bicycle vs. pedestrian fatality happened.

Also for those of you that have a hard time remembering, like me, here are rules of the 4 way stop.

1) first that stops gets to go

2) if both stop at the same time and someone is on your right ... the person on the right gets to go. In other words, if you can point your right finger at them ... they get to go.

3) if both stop at the same time and they are across from you then the following order apply:

a) if both are going straight then both can go. Since there is no conflict.

b) if someone is going straight and the other is turning right. The person going straight gets to go first.

c) if one person is turning right and the other is turning left. The person turning right gets to go first. Remember, right goes first and 'Left goes Last' in this case.

4) if everyone happens to stop at the same time and no one knows who's turn it is then revert to eye contact try not to get hit.
An addendum 22.Feb.2006 11:43


An addendum to #4 - This would be 4-way-stop-paradox

Everyone sits there with that "deer in the headlights" look and
no-one does anything. Kindly hand motion (not the single finger type)
and a smile might be in order just to get things rolling.

Be safe on your bike & look out for PoPo's micro-sized warning signs.
(You'd need a magnifying glass to see them).