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9.11 investigation

Inoculation against the Truth Virus

Forget bird flu , we are being vaccinated right now against legitimate inquiry into what really happened on that day in September 2001.
I have commented here before about what i see as a noticeable increase in the frequency of corpo media support for the " official " conspiracy theory that tries to explain away what happened on the day that the neo-fascists had been waiting for since the signing of PNAC in 1999 .
While there has been an increase in the so called " documentaries " on the history ch. and A & E of late , this past sunday saw on all out assault on truth on the history ch.! Most of the day was consumed with back to back films that supported the " official " story and the insulting sham that was the 9/11 commision report.
So what is going on here ?
I suggest that the some people in the power structure are getting uneasy about the fact that legitimate questions that challenge the official conspiracy theory have not gone away , and in point of fact are gaining greater recognition with every month that goes by ! S o what is their remedy for this ?
A stepped up campaign of disinformation and appeal to beligerant nationalism.
The sheeple are in need of a booster shot of cover up and blatant denial of the very troubling questions that remain unaddressed four years later.
I will paraphrase the nazi propoganda minister Joseph Goebbles :
tell a lie often enough and long enough and it becomes fact in the minds of the majority of people.