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Surviving Democracies

Resisting, disrupting and surviving the fascism of western
After 9/11, when Bush and cabal sacrificed and terrorized the populace,
the authorities spying on the citizenry with their Carnivore & Predator spy
systems making war against public Internet use, are now waging a war
against "domestic terrorists." Amerika, Kanada, and other nations are
permanently engaged in the newly euphenised "long war." The empty
warhead sitting in the Oval Office is foaming at the mouth to use nuclear
weapons -- and the government spooks are engaged in torturing "terrorists"
around the world.

Now is the time to fight back against church-state fascism everywhere.
People can obtain countermeasure devices and gear to make it much
harder for law enforcement officials to spy on you.
There are many excellent products that people can buy on the Internet, as
well as specialty shops around the world.

There are devices that will scramble and/or encrypt your telephone calls
and e-mails. Or enable you to send countermeasure e-mails on the 'Net,
and also sending voice/text messages with factual data and images about
what is really going on.

People can wear mini-cameras to record the actions and tactics of law
enforcement personnel.......there are devices, RFID & GPS bugs that can
be used to track and monitor Big Brother.....placing them on government
and corporate vehicles, civilian and military police vehicles, on commercial
vehicles used/owned by employees of local, state and federal governments,
such as spy vans disguised as pizza, florist, plumbing vans, etc.

Below are links where people can develop the proper strategies, tactics,
objectives and goals to fight terrorism. Check out the golden oldies, such as
the Anarchist Cookbook & Nuclear Survival Skills.

De-Bug Your Home--Bug Detection Devices, Cameras, Night Vision

Home to the "CSR-1 Counter-Measures Sweep Unit. R.F. probe 'sniffs' your environment for hidden phone, room or body bugs, remote control signals, computer, Fax or Telex transmitters, video transmitters, pulsed tracking transmitters and even wide band frequency hopping or 'burst' bugs. VLF probe tests your AC outlets.

Track Them Before They Track You "RFIDs/GPS Tracking Devices

DataLogger II is a covert GPS vehicle tracking device used for monitoring the travel activities of company, fleet and private vehicles.

RFID is used for everything from tracking cows and pets to triggering equipment down oil wells.

Anarchist Cookbook

Surviving Nuclear War-Chemical Attack

Be as Smart as a CIA Agent. Get the Intel from these sites.