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Green Scare: More Denver Connections

Daniel Glick, author of Powder Burn a book on the Vail fire, is close friends with Charlie Brennan, the Rocky Mountain News Reporter who spearheaded that paper's witchhunt against Churchill. Both men have contributed to the media's Green Scare hysteria. Their white male confluence of interest is called out in a Try-Works' reporter's letter to Glick.

As you all recall from the Brennan Files 30, our Chickie mentioned his friend, Dan Glick, with whom he so loves to make sweet music. So that got me wondering, is it possible that Daniel Glick is a corporate whorde, Green Scare mouthpiece just like his buddy Charlie Brennan?

Or will he live up to the high standards he claims to hold himself to in this quote from his web page?

"Like many journalists I've met, I entered the profession because I wanted to make a difference -- by exposing waste, fraud, mismanagement, abuses of power, and political shenanigans. A.J. Liebling's fabled words that journalists should "afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted" are, as far as I'm concerned, the benchmark by which all our work should be judged."

Guess there is only one way to find out. Yep. Gotta write him a letter.


For the story and letter, go to this link:  link to tryworks.blogspot.com

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