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Washingtons bigges’t enemy is “the truth”

Hidden inside american english is another
language also called english. Now it is also
called plain english but known as hard truth
and it is tricky for some to understand.
Hidden inside american english is another
language called plain english And although
it sounds just like english it is not, it
may also be called broken english, street
language, slang...Now this english cannot
be understood unless you look very close
or in slang "read between the lines" and
it goes right over our rulers heads, they
do not know it.This english is used to warn
us about all the lies and propagana we are
fed, in america, we are disinformed and
misinformed by the us government. In our
english it is called bullshit but they
don't use these english words. In their english
language these would be called un american english
words, they do not speak this english but real
americans ain't afraid to use this english because
it is english, isn't it? And when we do they always
cover their ears, it works everytime, they never hear
us this way.

Now this hidden english has taught us that are
democracy has been stolen and replaced with a
fake or plutocracy, our news media failed us.
And that our government is not spreading
democracy as they claim but capitalism in it's
place, fake democracy and lies instead of truth,
evil not Good. Millions in america are very
experienced with this hidden english language.

Now this is why today america is so devided one
side uses english to speak lies and one side
Uses english that looks the same but it isn't it
speaks truth instead, one language 2 purposes.

Now let me give you an example or 2 c could
be a simple c or sea can be referred to as hell,
or see could mean listen or hear. Or to say God
you could say old man "first", or oak "for strongest",
or mountain"most high", and sun might really be son...
Remember when the word gay meant, jolly, happy or feeling
good. Now today they say it means abnormal, deranged, cursed,
or sick, who changed this? why?

Now before you say english is just 1 language let me give
you an example of what this has taught us about religion
in america. Lets look at the words to the song cold turkey
now you could just say this Is about quitting smoking or
drinking but it might be more like spiritual famine, turkey
is where The gospel was first taught, just like the church.
Now remember turkey might be church cold might be dead, is
that what the church is to this day? The song could be about
false gospel or religion, not quitting ciggarettes. Now this
song could express the total frustration that the true believers
were feeling as they were drivin out by the corporate church
or money changers that run religion in america and today, it's
been hijacked.

Many times when something real important or ugly must get said
we might use what we call extreme measures, they call it bad words.
Now this is still english, they don't like this english, they call
it bad english, sorta like they call 1 finger the bad one. But we
call it strong language. but it does 2 things to the english in
america, it gets them to cover their ears. Then we pay close
attention because we understand that we are to look at these
words not as bad english words but strong words or verbs or in
some english languages it is considered action words like the f
word becomes not about sex but means cheat, steal or decieve.

Now Black people are a very effective force here and when they
start rappin the white man goes mad. Now I'm not saying the black
man does the dirty work Often times black man or man in black
really means white man Who's only crime is being born with an
honest heart. Sorta like black men are punished for being born
with black skin, or an iraqi may be killed just because he was
born in iraq not because he is really guilty of anything get it?
Take a closer look!

You know it's funny how 2 thousand years ago God turned the
tables on the church, And 2 thousand years later he uses turn tables.
Look at the song elenor rigby, now it has taught us God has left the
church and to follow the wind or find him or follow him as we know it,
we do know what way the wind is blowing, or whats going on if we know
our english well.
Now the next time your driving down the road listening to your music
and you here the word rain understand that it could mean rain it could
also mean reign but 9 times out of 10 it means "the word" or "true gospel",
try this. Wow I know that sounds twisted but it is very true, standing in
the rain can also mean standing in the word or being a true believer, see
for yourself if the word fits better or make more sense. Bet your preachers
and teachers never taught you that kind of english, did they? better learn
your english real Good america.

Now be careful how you spell or see, it really depends on what english you use.
Now if you do all your math america you will see what this adds up to. The real
threat to our democracy is inside our own borders. Washington has a steady tracked
record of attacking, undermining, and destroying democracy all over the World. The
good news is you only have to do 200 years of simple math to see for yourself,
now how do you do that? In english!

Jim Zender Geneva on the Lake Ohio

phone: phone: 440-415-0555
address: address: Geneva on the Lake Ohio USA